Amerisleep Independence Mattress Review

45% of adults don’t get enough sleep each night, and over 50% of adults complain of poor rest due to pain, or other discomforts associated with their mattress. This is problematic in that insufficient sleep has been increasingly linked to health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression, as well as productivity and safety during the course of a day. It is estimated that approximately 103 million doze off behind the wheel each year, and 11 million of these incidents result in accidents

Sleep deprivation truly is becoming an epidemic with the increase in work loads and technology interrupting our sleep. When you do get yourself to bed on time, you definitely want the best rest possible. Short of getting yourself to bed earlier each night (adults age 19-55 should average at least 8 hours of sleep each night), the comfort of your rest should also be a crucial part of your sleep habits, and that starts with the correct mattress.

Breakdown of the Amerisleep Independence Mattress

Amerisleep Independence Mattress Overview

Amerisleep mattresses promise dynamic support on a carefully engineered product to give you the best rest possible and reduce your sleepless nights. A deeper, more recharging sleep can be achieved through a custom formulated memory foam that both breathes, and contours to your body in any position, resulting in fewer pain related issues.

Of course, the only best mattress, is the best mattress for you. Each person is built differently and requires their own personal level of comfort. Amerisleep offers a range of mattresses that address both softness and firmness issues to provide a selection for all body and sleep positions.

The Amerisleep Independence is a luxury mattress created for premium softness, and is the softest mattress offered by the company. This is a product created for sleepers who are looking for pressure relief, but with a softer surface that more conforms to the body. It is a 14” tall mattress with 3 different layers to provide both support and comfort depending on your body type and sleep position.


  • Compatible with any frame, or surface
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial- Full refund and free pickup if not satisfied
  • 20 Year warranty
  • Isolates motion


  • Not for side and stomach sleepers
  • Not as soft as other brands
  • Firmness can create pressure points

Features & Benefits

Any mattress company comes with a list of why their product is better than the rest, and the Amerisleep Company is no exception. The have a well detailed outlook as to why their product is exceptional, and I will admit they boast some pretty interesting things to say about their products. Their choices span the many needs of different styles sleepers and this particular product is focused on the cloud-like appeal of a ultra soft sleep surface.


Amerisleep Independence Mattress

Amerisleep engineers their mattress construction centered around a plant-based, open cell memory foam, called Bio-Pur, to make it eco-friendly. This also allows for maximum breathability throughout the mattress layers. All mattresses are covered as well with a patented Celliant fabric that recycles body heat into the surrounding air for added comfort.

The process behind the construction is called Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) and emits zero emissions into the atmosphere, leaving behind a product that is free from harsh chemicals. This also allows you to basically move from box to use without an extended ‘airing out’ process to rid the materials of harsh chemical smells.

Bio-Pur is also created to hold it’s structural integrity with applied weight, and will reduce movement that may occur when movement occurs elsewhere on the bed. This holds true for even the softest of the mattresses available, and keeps your sleep from being disturbed during late night bathroom breaks, toddler visits, or pets sneaking up on the foot of the bed.


Bio Pur Memory Foam

Bio-Pur was created to reduce pressure points, and in this particular mattress it is blended with over a foot of foam to create an extra soft, weight absorbing mattress top that is supported by two additional layers. The second transitions heat away from the body and provides additional pressure point control, and a thick, final support layer that won’t sag even after years of use can be found at the bottom. This is a crucial layer, as ultra soft mattresses still need the additional support to keep the overall design from sagging over time and creating areas of density breakdown.

Those who are skeptical of memory foam often complain of how it holds it’s shape when weight is applied- creating a ‘sink’ that can be difficult to maneuver out of. And in many cases it can take up to 60 seconds for the foam to regain it’s shape. Amerisleep foam promises a 4 second ‘bounce back’ which results in a better night’s sleep for anyone who has a tendency to move during the night, as well as an easy ‘escape’ the next morning!

Reviews praise it’s overall comfort and pain alleviation, although some buyers found it to be more firm than they expected. Back and side sleepers were the most comfortable, although stomach sleepers found it to be too soft.

Heat Retention

Amerisleep Revere Mattress

The open cell structure of the Bio-Pur foam, combined with the open channels found within the mid supporting layers help move air through the mattress and allow for supreme breathability. Body heat is wicked away instead of being retained as it would in a more dense memory foam cell structure. This call for a cool night's sleep that is praised in consumer reviews.

The strong, more organic based materials provide the ability to create consistent airflow through every layer, and reviewers praise this foam as being one of the coolest they have ever slept upon.

Watch how this works in the video below:

Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

Washing Machine

As with any mattress, it should be spot cleaned with a general fabric cleaner when needed, but a waterproof mattress protector is suggested to ensure longevity and cleanliness of your purchase. The warranty (described below) can be voided when something is spilled on the mattress as liquids can break down the integrity of the foam construction.

Furthermore, a foam mattress doesn’t need to be turned or flipped as a coil spring one does, so once you have it in place, you can leave it be! This is a fantastic perk since turning and flipping mattresses can be tedious, and even in some cases near impossible for one person to accomplish, especially if you have a small space.

Amerisleep happens to offer one of the best warranties in the consumer mattress market today. All mattresses are covered for a period of 20 years, which includes a full replacement promise for the first 10 years, and a pro-rated warranty for the second 10. Plus, a 100 day sleep trial is included in your purchase. If you are unhappy with your product, simply call within the first 100 days to a full refund and free pick-up.


Restless or painful sleep positions can often be alleviated with a mattress upgrade, and if you are a back or side sleeper, and prefer a softer surface, the Amerisleep Independence may be a perfect choice for you. Be sure to be aware of your partner’s sleeping habits however if you have one. Soft surfaces are not always supportive for certain sleeping patterns, and Amerisleep offers other options for compromise.

Innovative construction, breathability, and environmentally friendly, this is a great company to consider if you are on the hunt for the perfect night’s sleep. Backed by a 100 day sleep-trial guarantee with free pick-up (sans the packaging even), the added 20 year warranty helps making an investment on a new product worthwhile and stress-free. As mentioned, this is a huge perk since as an online mattress company, it can be difficult to make a final decision on a purchase of this magnitude without first laying on it.

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