Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Review

Losing sleep can be harmful to your health and increase stress. It also can contribute to issues with obesity. One of the biggest contributors to poor sleep is pain issues, and a simple way to help alleviate nighttime discomfort is through the use of the proper mattress. This can be a large investment, so weighing your options and considering all your choices before a final purchase is an important step to take into account.

If you have no sleep position preference, or have a partner that sleeps in a different position than you, then you are aware that you may have been sacrificing your comfort for another (or vise versa). This may be problematic in your search for a good night’s sleep, but the Amerisleep Liberty mattress attempts to address these issues through a an evenly blended product of both their firmest beds, and softest cushioning.

The Amerisleep Liberty is the company’s best combination mattress that allows those who have multiple sleep positions, as well as couples, find a peaceful night’s rest.

Amerisleep Liberty

Breakdown of the Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Overview

Amerisleep Liberty Bed

A great night’s sleep may only be a mattress away, at least that’s what the Amerisleep company believes, and they sure do try their best through the use of innovative engineering, natural materials, and environmentally sustainable practices to provide the best products available. If you are on the search for the perfect mattress, Amerisleep is a company you may want to consider due to their detailed choices, and no-risk policy, surrounding their designs.

The Amerisleep Liberty is a 12” thick, versatile mattress that combines both a firm support, and pressure point relieving softness geared towards consumers that need to find a balance to their sleep comfort.


  • Compatible with any frame, or surface
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial- Full refund and free pickup if not satisfied
  • Comfortable for any sleep position
  • 20 Year warranty


  • May not be supportive enough for stomach sleepers
  • Pressure points created for some side sleepers
  • May soften over time

Features & Benefits

The overall reviews of this company’s products speak well of customer service and the integrity of their products. The risk-free, 100 day sleep trial is an added bonus to anyone hesitant to buy online for fear they won’t like the product and be stuck with it. Customers who find they aren’t satisfied get a full refund and free pickup and drop off to a local charity.


Bio Pur Mempry Foam

Bio-Pur is a patented plant based foam product created by Amerisleep in order to achieve a lower environmental footprint during their construction process. This zero-emissions assembly is called the Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process and results in a mattress free from harsh, synthetic materials. The resulting product is a memory foam created from an open cell, organic structure that is promised to be one of the most comfortable in the current market.

The Amerisleep Liberty has three layers of supportive comfort: the first, a breathable layer that wicks away heat and moisture; the second, a supportive, soft and responsive layer; and the third, a sag-free Bio-Core foam for overall structural integrity.


Traditional memory foams often hold their shape up to 60 seconds, making it difficult to get comfortable until the mattress reshapes itself to your weight. This can also become an issue when trying to get out of bed, especially if you are hindered by a disability. Bio-Pur foam is promised to return to shape after 4 seconds, and makes your nighttime movements less of a hindrance to both your sleep, and your sleeping companion’s.

Since the Liberty mattress is toted as a favorite for couples due to the variable sleep surface, you will be excited to hear that little to no movement can be felt from one side of the mattress to the next- promising a better sleep to those who have different ideas about what time to head to bed. It also results in less disrupted sleep, especially if one person needs to get up during the night, or often shifts their positions.

Because the Amerisleep Liberty is a mattress that brings the best of their firmness and merges it with their body enveloping softness without sacrificing support and comfort, it is the popular choice for combination sleepers.

Overall reviews praise the comfort level and decent sleep, however some side sleepers have found that they wake with numbness in their arms from poor circulation, although they still praise their overall sleep. It seems that this may be a common occurrence for many side sleepers and that the perfect mattress for this can be difficult to find since weight and body type also play into the problem.

Heat Retention

Amerisleep Celliant Fiber Cover

Amerisleep’s own patented Celliant fabric tops all their mattresses as both an added foam protectant, and cooling technology made from a thermoreactive yarn. As it wicks away body heat, it converts it into infrared radiation which is recycled back into the surround atmosphere.

The plant based properties of the Bio-Pur foam also allows for a more open cell design, and allows air to circulate more freely, and the Liberty’s top layer is also designed with open channels for maximum breathability. These combined layers result in one of the coolest night’s sleep n a foam mattress according to reviews; something that is difficult achieve through other material foam process. For example,many polyurethane foam mattresses have low breathability and depend upon channel design to achieve air flow. This can result in a breakdown of the materials more quickly over time.

This helps create a comfortable, temperature controlled sleep so you can rise well rested each morning.

Maintenance, Care and Warranty

100 Nights Trial

With one of the most competitive warranties on the market, the 100 day sleep-trial combined with a 20 year warranty makes your online purchase risk-free. The first 10 years is covered fully, and the second provides a pro-rated coverage. With most mattresses only lasting ten to fifteen years before replacement, this speaks highly of their trust in their own product.

All mattresses should be covered with a waterproof protector, and the Amerisleep Liberty is no exception. Despite their celliant top, foam mattresses can break down with excessive applied moisture, causing issues with cell structure and overall support. It also voids your warranty. If you do spill upon your mattress, be sure to wick it up immediately, and you can address stains with a little soap and water, or gentle fabric cleaner.

Many mattresses need to be flipped and turned to avoid over breakdown and to get the most out of your purchase, but Amerisleep foam mattresses can be left as is for the life of the product. This is definitely an added perk since even the lightest of mattresses are cumbersome and awkward to move, especially for just one person. Plus, this allows you to place your mattress in areas that are more difficult to maneuver in- such as recessed wall beds, or bunk beds.


Combination sleepers rejoice! This may be the bed you have been searching for, especially if you have a partner with a different sleeping style than you. The Amerisleep Liberty seems to be a top-notch choice for those of you who have been searching for a new mattress, especially if you fall into the above category. The firm support combined with the enveloping softness of a new foam product is married in this popular mattress version to provide support to all types of sleepers searching for night time comfort.

The no-risk trial, competitive warranty, and low environmental footprint during the manufacturing process should make consumers look twice when researching a new mattress investment. The breathability of these products are also an addition to consider since many memory foam products, although highly rated, have many complaints of their lack of air flow. Patented Bio-Pur cell structures and Celliant covers create a winning combination.

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