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ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush Fitted Mattress Pad Review

Are you sick of sleeping on a mattress pad that moves around from time to time because it’s just kind of floats on top of your mattress? I know how tough and frustrating that can be because i’ve owned a few of those. After a night full of tossing and turning, the pad somehow ends up halfway off of the bed. I am happy to say that there has been a solution to this problem and the solution is the ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush Fitted Mattress Pad. That’s right, it’s fitted! Let’s go check it out.

Product Overview

The ExceptionalSheets extra plush fitted mattress pad is the solution to those endless nights of no sleep due to an old, worn out mattress. It is an ideal way to restore that old mattress, perfect for softening beds that are too firm, and has the ability to cool down beds that may retain heat thanks to its cooling advanced hypo-allergenic cluster down fiber.

The ExceptionalSheets fitted mattress pad is the sister of the ExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo fitted pad. The only difference between the two is that this one has a PolySoft cover and the the other one has a bamboo cover, plus, this one has a smaller price tag.

This particular product is recommended for those who can’t seem to keep cool while they are sleeping or for those who need a quick comfort solution for their mattress. The only people I can’t recommend it for is those who need to sleep on a firm surface. This pad will make your mattress softer, not more firm.?


  • Cooling Factor
  • Fitted
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain & Moisture Resistant


  • Questionable Quality of Construction
  • ?Fluff may fall out during washing
  • It isn’t very thick

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Features & Benefits

The ExceptionalSheets mattress pad is chocked full of features, all meant to please you and help you sleep better. Doing your research?? before you make a purchase is important because you need to make sure it’s the right product for you. Missing one small detail could be the difference between better sleep or worse. Let’s go explore these features, shall we?

The Cooling Factor

The ExceptionalSheets pad is filled generously with advanced hypo-allergenic cluster down fiber that also has cooling properties. The clusters inside of the pad help to trap the air that is released by your body. These clusters have two purposes, one is to trap the warm air and allow air to flow better, and the second is to naturally keep the shape of the pad longer.

The fact that this product has cooling abilities is a great feature because there are people out there, such as myself, that tend to overheat at night, no matter how cold it is outside. This is also a great option for people who have medical conditions causing them to sweat at night, such as hypothyroidism, Hodgkin’s disease (or other types of cancers), hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, and other types of infections and viruses.?

It’s Hypoallergenic

When something is given the label as “hypoallergenic”, it means that is below normal or slightly allergenic. So if you are sensitive to allergens, this pad may result in less allergic reactions because the materials that it is made from are less allergenic than other products. The filling is made with alternative down material without the feathers, poking, and allergies that can come from true down products.

I have a down pillow and let me tell you something, it is the worst thing ever, but i’m lacking in the pillow department so it’s my only option at the moment. I do, in fact, have feathers poking me in the face. So the fact that this pad is made to feel like down without the actual feathers, is pretty convenient.?

Stain And Moisture Resistant

If you’re like me and have 4 kids who have no respect for personal property, then you’ll definitely want something that is moisture and stain resistant such as this mattress pad. Over the years, your bed is going to be subjected to a lot of things, and spills will probably be one of them.

Being stain resistant is a big deal to some people, especially those who may suffer from incontinence. Having the issue is bad enough, but being reminded by the stains from it, even worse. This is why the fact that being stain resistant is so great, because all you need to do is throw it in the washer and you’ll be left with a clean, stainless sleeping surface.?

It’s Fitted

Earlier I had mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of mattress pads that slide all over the bed as I move around. The great thing about this pad is that it’s fitted, which means it’ll stay in place like your fitted sheet would. It also works the same way the sheet does. All you have to do is place it on your bed and wrap the ends around the edges of the mattress. You can move as much as you want in your sleep, but the pad will stay in its place.


How many mattress pads have you seen that were able to be washed and dried? All of the ones I have seen weren’t able to be washed because they were all made from memory foam. This one can be tossed in the washing machine (front load/high capacity washers only) in warm water and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

I can really appreciate the fact that it can be washed because during the many activities that happen in bed-eating, sweating, drinking, and such-it is going to subject the pad to all kinds of grossness. I know that it is supposed to be stain and moisture resistant, but I feel like if it isn’t washed from time to time, it’s just going to start to smell or look terrible. With the ability to be washed, it will always feel and look like new.?


If your mattress is old and wore out, the ExceptionalSheets extra plush fitted mattress pad is the best option to solve the problem without having to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a new mattress. This mattress pad has the ability to restore your old mattress, soften a firm mattress, and cool a hot mattress. If you are interested in one of these revolutionary mattress pads, click here to check it out!

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