Novaform Mattress Review

If you’re shopping around for a new mattress you might have looked at the Novaform mattress. Looking at specifications online it is quite hard to see whether this would be the right bed for your home.

How does it feel day to day? And how long will it last? Is there anything I need to know before buying this bed?

All these questions are hard to answer from just a product description so we’ve put together a Novaform mattress review with real life experiences from customers who have already bought this product.

So if you’re thinking of buying this product, read on and discover if it will be right for you.

Taking a Look at The Novaform

Novaform Mattress Overview

Novaform Mattress

The Novaform Comfort Grande mattress is made from several different materials. It has gel memory foam, air channel foam and base layer foam which all makes the mattress as a whole. This mattress is layered so each different material sits on top of the other which gives it more durability and strength. The layers are three inches of gel memory foam and three inches of air channel foam which sits on an eight inch base layer foam.

It is a product for people looking to replace their bed with something medium to firm in support and people who want to use a foam mattress rather than spring or other materials. The company promises this product will make falling asleep and staying asleep easy with the . It also says the air flow through the foam is good for a restful night’s sleep.


  • Made from several different materials
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • Works with any style mattress base


  • Quite a firm mattress
  • Will only fit queen size
  • Cannot be cut down in size due to materials used

Cooling Top Layer of Gel Foam

Novaform Mattress

This mattress has different materials on each layer which perform specific jobs. The top layer, which you will lay directly on, is made from cooling gel foam which acts to wick away heat and moisture from your body as you sleep.

Unlike some other foam mattresses, which can be hot to sleep on, this design means it stays cool and you are kept at the best temperature for sleep.

Relieves Pressure on Key Points of the Body

Another benefit of the layered approach is that this product cradles your body and takes pressure off joints and other pressure points.

When you sleep, your hips, shoulders, knees and elbows can become painful if they are resting on a surface which is too firm. The foam design means it sinks in enough to relieve this pressure but the eight inch foam base layer still gives you the support you need.

The total thickness of the Novaform is fourteen inches which means it has plenty of support within these layers.

Durable - Does not Sag After Prolonged Use

Customers that have previously bought this mattress report no loss of support or sagging even after sleeping on it night after night.

One reviewer who said he was 300lbs said previous mattresses would sag or there would be an impression left after a year or so but this mattress has not had the same problem.

This is great as it means your mattress will have a longer life. On average, it is recommended you change your mattress every eight years. But as a mattress is a serious investment, having one that lasts longer is better for your bank balance – and your back!

Minimizes Impact of Sleeping Partner's Movements

The great thing with a foam mattress is that it prevents you bouncing about if you’re partner is a “moving” sleeper! Or if you’re unlucky enough to work opposite shifts at work and one is getting up as the other is trying to get to sleep it can really help.

Unlike a traditional sprung mattress, foam absorbs impact so as you roll about on it, it only moves at the points you connect with it. Gone are the bouncy, annoying movements as your partner crashes into bed.

This can also be useful if you have a newborn baby as the constant getting up and down in the night can be alleviated by the undisturbed partner.

No Need for Flipping!

Turning or flipping your mattress is always more of a pain than you remember. Even if you only flip your bed twice a year, the hassle of removing all the sheets and then actually lifting the thing is so annoying.

With a spring mattress it is recommended you flip it at least every six months and some even say once every three months! It needs two people for a queen size bed so the fact you’re not required to flip this mattress is great.

How to Unpack the Novaform Comfort Grande Mattress

A memory foam mattress is slightly different to your usual sprung mattress in that it can be pressed a lot smaller for packaging and delivery.

Because it is rolled up for delivery, when you unroll it and put it on your mattress base you should bear in mind it will take up to 72 hours to return to the full shape. So don’t worry if it looks thinner than you thought it would or there are dents in it.

It is perfectly fine to sleep on your mattress in these first 72 hours and your body heat will actually help it to spring back to shape.

Keep in mind you won’t be getting the full experience of your new mattress in these first few days as it is still unfurling and settling down. For this reason, it is best to sleep on it for a week or more before making a decision.

As it is folded in half, there could be a bump in the middle which might look alarming. Don’t worry, this will disappear as the mattress unfolds back into shape. You might also notice a smell or dents and impressions around the edge, this will all disappear over a few weeks.

Caring for Your Novaform Mattress

The cover is not washable and you should not attempt to wash it with any product or even plain water. Follow the individual care instructions on the label attached to your mattress. Memory foam also reacts to temperature. If your bedroom is cold, the mattress will feel firmer while if your home is warmer then the foam will be softer. This is why your body heat helps the foam form around you as you sleep.

Remember that all memory foam mattresses will change colour slightly as they age. They begin as a cream or ivory colour but will yellow over time. Don’t be concerned by this, it is just the effect of oxygen on the memory foam.

This natural oxidization does not damage the memory foam or make it less comfortable. You should make sure your memory foam mattress is placed on top of a box spring or slatted bed base – not put directly on the floor.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

The Novaform mattress is sold with a 20 year warranty which is a long time considering the advice to change your mattress every eight years.

This warranty means you can get the mattress repairs or replaced if it becomes defective or faulty in this time period. You do only get one full replacement in the 20 year period but that should be enough as these mattresses are built to last.

You have to cover any delivery or courier charges to get the mattress back to the company but they will accept photographs emailed over as proof of issues with the mattress so you won’t have to sleep on the floor while they inspect it!

Top Safety Standards

The foam used in this Comfort Grande mattress is made in the USA and subject to rigorous testing. All the products used to create this mattress meet the requirements of the legislation around mattresses.

Mattresses are tested to make sure the smoke produced if they were to be set alight is the safest it can be as well as it burning slowly to give homeowners the best chance of escape should a fire break out in the bedroom.


So if you’re old bed has had its day or you’re struggling with a bad back or sore joints, then this bed could be the one for you.

It has a cooling gel top layer to keep you at the right temperature for sleep and the layers of foam give you comfort while also cradling your body in a supportive way. It relieves pressure on joints and bones while also staying durable year after year.

To find out more, click here to check this product out!

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