Douglas Mattress Review

Getting poor night’s rest is going to result in more than just a groggy morning that has you struggling to focus and yearning for an afternoon nap. Consistently poor rest is eventually going to affect your health, both mentally and physically, so it’s important you address the problems you are experiencing.

Struggling to fall asleep each night, chronic interruptions in your rest, and waking in pain come morning is generally a good indication of a problem not with you, but with your mattress. If you struggle with any of the above, you should take a closer look at both the age of your mattress and your sleep comfort. Luckily, with advances in technology and the influx within the mattress industry, addressing your sleep comfort has never been easier. And one such choice to help you sleep better may lay in the Douglas Mattress.

Douglas Mattress Overview

Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress is a Canadian product produced by the Canadian bed company Novosbed, a totally risk-free sleep experience launched in 2009 to provide both affordability and comfort to their consumers. To date, distribution centers across the US and Canada have delivered thousands of mattresses to happy customers in both the US and Canada, but the Douglas is a wholly unique, eco-friendly Canadian product designed and made in Canadian factories that only debuted in spring of 2017.

Each bed is made to order for you, so you know you are getting a brand new, quality foam product backed by a 120 night trial complete with free returns. Plus it comes with a 15 year warranty, one of the best in the industry.

Like the original Novosbed, the Douglas Mattress promises a unique comfort with perfect comfort and quality or your money back. Plus, it is produced using renewable energy with ecological material standards to make an ecologically friendly product you can enjoy for years.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Free returns
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good weight distribution


  • One comfort level
  • Only sold in Canada

Features & Benefits

Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress really does pride itself as a Canadian product designed in Canada, made in Canada, and only in Canada. Second to this is their environmental commitment that claims less carbon, better materials, and cleaner energy. Plus, they ship direct to your door, cutting out the middleman and the extra cost, making it more affordable for you. If you don’t like the product for any reason, they pick it up for free and deliver it to a charity.


Douglas Mattres

With mattress thickness wrongly used as a judge of overall comfort, this 10 inch mattress is comprised of 3 layers of quality material geared specifically for a cool, comfortable night’s rest. The first 2 inches are a luxury ecoLightcooling gel infused foam which is considered responsive and contouring, but doesn’t allow your body to sink to such a degree you have problems moving.

The next 2 inches are a premium elastix foam, similar to natural latex which is known for its breathability and supportive responsiveness. Made without any chemicals, it is a good choice for anyone suffering from allergies that might be bothered by chemical off-gassing.

The final layer is a 6 inch motion isolation foam to help distribute weight, provide support and shaping for the 4 inches of comfort foam found above, and also keep motion isolated to keep your sleep uninterrupted.

Material Comfort

Douglas Mattress

Patented dense, high quality foams are claimed to be used for a medium firm supportive feel with a plush comfort surface. Considered excellent for pressure point relief, the foam combination provide proper contouring for side sleepers to keep the spine in alignment, balanced support for back sleepers, and pressure point relief for stomach sleepers. This is most likely due to the contouring gel infused memory-like foam supported by a latex layer, as latex is known for its very supportive comfort, yet responsiveness and weight distribution.

The foam used is also created using 50% less carbon, making a much less environmental impact, and providing you with a lighter, more breathable product that used less fuel to create. Plus, the entire mattress is encased in a CoolSense natural eucalyptus fabric cover that is not only removable to wash, but helps draw moisture and heat away from the body for a cooler night’s sleep.

It’s important to again note here that this is a very new product, with very little specific feedback on overall comfort, or longevity. Novosbed, their parent company has done well over the last 8 years and is considered a decent choice for any type of sleeper of any weight. Their model is based upon the Novosbed success using Canadian materials and design.

Cooling Technology

The cooling technology is worth mentioning again as many foam mattresses have issues surrounding this particular concern. The initial comfort layer is infused with a cooling gel foam and constructed with breathability in mind.

The latex below is used specifically for its air flow capabilities, and additional air flow chambers to keep heat wicked away from your body and dissipated throughout the layers to keep you cool all night long. Initial reviews have no concerns with heat, so it seems this design works well.


Efficiency in materials and construction is not the only efficiency standard this company wants to share with you. Not only do they make the mattress to order, their fleet of delivery trucks are economically feasibly with lower emission rates than truck so the same size.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the Douglas is only available in Canada, as it is a wholly Canadian product, made for Canadians. Shipping is also free to almost all areas of Canada, making this a totally risk free investment.

The company has been experiencing high order demands, but once the product is ordered, it takes two to three weeks for construction and delivery, ensuring you get a brand new product specifically designed for your sleep comfort.

Mattress Sizes and Care

Currently the Douglas Mattress is offered in twin, twin xl, double, queen, king, and CA king that can be placed on most acceptable foundations that include supported slats and non-flexing box springs.

Because of the foam construction it is important to have a supportive foundation to keep the density of the material from pushing through too wide of supportive materials, forcing a void in the warranty.

Like most mattresses, the Douglas should be rotated (it is not designed to be flipped) to keep compression that occurs in foam consistent over the entire surface of the mattress over time. Plus, an acceptable mattress protector should also be used to help keep your mattress in warranty and long-lasting.


As mentioned, the Douglas Mattress does some with a 120 sleep trial, upon which you can return your mattress after trying it out for 30 days completely hassle free for no added cost. All returned mattresses are donated to charities as well, so nothing goes to waste. And as mentioned earlier, since it also ships to almost all Canadian locations for free, this truly makes your online shopping experience risk free.

The 15 year full replacement warranty covers acceptable conditions of the warranty in full for the first 10 years of the life of the mattress, and at 75% of the cost for years 11-15. This is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, to help provide consumers with a stress-free experience.


The Novosbed Company prides itself in affordability, and the breakdown of factory direct shipping saves you a bundle in comparison to other online companies, and showroom models. No longer do you have to deal with costs associated with showrooms, commision, warehouse stocking, distributors, or financial institutes. Instead you can deal directly with a company that is involved with the entire process of construction and delivers right to your front door.


The Douglas Mattress certainly has a lot going for it as a brand new product in the market. Environmentally friendly materials and construction make this a green product to be proud of, plus other sustainable company practices provides a safety standard in the industry combined with affordability.

Multiple layers of specialty foam provide both a cooling experience and a medium-firm comfort combined with a plush surface to meet the needs of almost any type of sleeper. Quite honestly, it would be nice to have this mattress offered in more than just Canada, because it seems like the rest of the world might be missing out.

The hassle free, cost free returns makes this purchase a no-brainer, and you should definitely consider this as your next mattress - if you are a Canadian!

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