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Purple Mattress Overview

Purple Mattress


  • Risk free trial
  • Good air flow
  • Provides good pressure point reduction


  • Heavy and difficult to move

It doesn’t take long to get completely overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terminology and seemingly endless amount of choices surrounding mattress sleep comfort. The rise of new mattress materials in the sleep industry has influenced a long line of online mattress startups, all claiming to influence the best sleep possible.

What all have going for them is the removal of the middleman markup that creates higher prices for the consumer. This factory to warehouse mentality help drive down cost, and also provides you with a whole new shopping experience. But which bed is best for you?

The Purple Mattress Company has created a wholly unique sleeping surface based upon innovative material construction to help you get the best sleep possible. Their use of a hyper elastic polymer is an entirely new approach to keep you supported and comfortable through the night. Below we take a closer look at their claims as to why they are the best mattress in the industry. 

Breakdown of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress idea came to fruition in the late 1980’s when the founders, two brothers, decided to combine their respective knowledge in aerospace engineering and manufacturing to try and create a product to change the world. Through the years they have designed and patented many comfort products, but didn’t break into the sleep industry until 2013, when they designed the world’s first no pressure mattress - or so they claim, so let’s find out.

The hyper elastic polymer the bed is made from claims to both support and give where needed based on your unique body height and weight. The science claims you will sleep cool and uninterrupted, and have the spinal support your body needs for overall physical health.

Features & Benefits

The Purple Mattress Company prides itself in workmanship and ecological commitments, using green, sustainable sources, and recycled materials. They also rely heavily on eclectic humor in advertising and marketing techniques, providing their brand with a wholly unique perspective.

Materials and Construction

Made from 2 inches of foam topped with a polymer layer, the Purple Mattress is a total of 9.5” thick. The first 2” are of the patented, open celled, purple polymer. The remaining layers consist of 3.5” of a 1.8lb/cu.in transition polyurethane foam supported by a 2 lb/cu.in, 4” poly foam base. The transitional layer exists to help further cushion and support the sleeper, and is especially supportive for heavier bodies.

The mattress comes with a thick, quilted, and highly breathable mattress made from a blend of viscose, polyester, and lycra blends to provide a soft, and stretchy, material. This cover is washable, and also moves well with the top layer of the mattress to help keep you sleeping comfortably. All materials are made from food-grade, non-toxic sources, making this a greener choice for our environment.

Sleep Comfort

The wholly unique design of Purple’s comfort surface blends an ultra elastic polymer with a latex like ‘bounce’ and support. The structure looks like a series of cubical honeycombs, which provide a contouring support without creating any pressure points. The foam transition layers further allows for deep contouring and sink, without creating any sort of impression. In fact, the material supposedly returns back to shape immediately after your weight has been removed.

Every body is unique in shape and weight, and depending on your size, your experience will be different from one person to the next. Lighter people may feel as if they are simple ‘floating’ on the surface of the mattress, with heavier bodies sinking more to about a total depth of 2.5 - 2.5 inches if you weigh 200 lbs or more. The ‘hug’ of the material is supposed to both keep a zero pressure point surface, as well as dissipating body weight and keeping your spine in alignment.

The mattress also has very little, to no motion transfer, making this a great choice for partnered sleepers. As a fairly new product, it has a pretty good selection of reviews and experiences to pull from. Overall, praise runs high, and this seems like a love it or leave it type product, with even those who decided against the purchase during the trial period (described below) providing positive feedback about the entire experience and customer service.

Built For Every Body

Unlike past popular brand mattress names, the Purple Mattress Company provides only one choice of sleep comfort rather than an entire line or multiple series of choices to pick from. Their philosophy is that their product is “Built for Every Body” and provides the correct support no matter your sleep style or body type

Overall the mattress provides a medium to firm feel, a range supported by most sleep experts as softer mattresses have a tendency to be ‘too soft’ for correct posture support. Rather a movement towards firmer, but yielding comfort is beginning to become popular in the sleep industry for overall, long-term sleep health.

Sleep Temperature

Sleeping hot is a very variable measurement since how it is measured depends upon personal comfort, choice of mattress covers, and the materials used within the mattress. Differing materials ‘breathe’ less than other and provide a less amount of air flow through the fabrics. Feeling warm at night is typically associated with your own body heat being unable to dissipate away from your body.

If you do have a tendency to feel too warm due to your own body type, or because you feel your mattress is not providing proper air flow, then Purple may be a perfect match for you. Heat retention issues are rarely an issue as the open construction design allows for completely unrestricted air flow to the bottom layers.

The ventilation of the Purple mattress allows for body heat to easily move away from the body and flow outwards, keeping you cooler. This also keeps body moisture from building up in mattress layers, which can occasionally cause problems with certain types of materials- causing them to break down and stop providing the support you need.

Mattress Sizes and Care

The Purple Mattress is currently available in twin XL, queen, king and Cal. king sizes. They are shipped in a box, tightly rolled and compressed, to your front door. Upon arrival it is suggested you take it into the room you plan on using it before allowing it to decompress.

Like many mattresses that contain a foam material, the type of foundation you use should be supportive in nature to keep the foam from compressing against an improper surface. Purple does offer a foundation base for sale to use with their mattresses, but also mentions that any sort of mattress support (box springs excluded) should properly support and keep your mattress under warranty.

Like all mattresses, it is good practice to rotate your mattress every few months to keep the weight applied more evenly distributed and to keep any one place from getting too much use. And it never hurts to use a waterproof mattress cover of some sort for added protection.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Purple offers a 100 night, hassle free sleep trial during which you can have it picked up and returned (at no cost to you) for any reason. This is always a great selling point for online companies as you can tell they stand behind their product, and are willing to help meet the needs of their customers. Plus, it provides a no risk opportunity for you to try something new.

The company also offers a 10 year, prorated warranty. This means you could incur some of the cost of repair or replacement depending on the damage to the mattress that requires attention. This is a typical warranty period for many mattress companies.


Purple prides itself in providing an affordable factory to home product that cuts out the cost of the middleman sales and commissions, as well as warehouse stocking fees. Their no-risk trial also provides further affordability as you won’t get stuck with delivery or pickup charges.

To top it all off, If you do happen to return your mattress, it is donated to a charity, so you know that the company is focused on doing what is best with the money you spend.


If you have been on a search for the perfect mattress, then checking out The Purple Mattress Company may be an ideal solution for a better night’s rest. The innovative elastic polymer surface comfort, combined with supportive contouring foam is supposed to provide a zero pressure point comfort for any body type.

What sweetens the deal is the risk free trial they provide, that keeps you from having to spend your own money for returns. Overall consumer reviews give two thumbs up and are impressed with both the comfort, and customer service they have received. If you have any further questions, or comments about this mattress, we’d love to hear them below!

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