The Truth About Passion Flowers Improving Sleep Quality

The quality of your sleep is vital to your health. Most healthy adults need 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep to be “fully rested”. If you find yourself constantly waking up at night, not feeling rested, or just being plain ol’ tired, is a good indication that your sleep quality is lacking. One thing that may help to improve your quality of sleep is a simple flower known as the passion flower. It does in fact help your sleep quality, let’s take a look at how.

Why Is Sleep Important?

If you suffer from the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, there are going to be some physical and mental problems. Sleeping keeps your brain healthy and it keeps you emotionally healthy as well. If you aren’t getting the proper amount of Z’s each night, it could lead to decision making issues, the inability to control your emotions, pay attention, drive, and it could lead to some major behavioral changes.

So why is it that we can’t sleep? Well, there are a number of factors that could lead to poor sleep patterns.?


Have you ever noticed that during the day it may be easier to handle pain than at night? This is because your adrenaline is higher during the day. The pain itself also makes it almost impossible to get comfortable and relax in order to fall asleep. Pain can also disrupt us in our sleep because if you happen to shift and put pressure on the sensitive area, you’re going to wake up from it.


We’ve all been through it, a stressful day that you just can’t shake. We lay in bed at night wondering where we went wrong and how we could have made the day better. We lay awake at night worrying about our finances or about what tomorrow will bring, when what we should be doing is relaxing.

Stress, depression, emotional anguish, and anxiety will have a negative effect on our sleep quality and lead to sleepless nights.


Some medi?cations can be linked to insomnia such as those made for cold relief, Parkinson’s, depression, vision, and more. Medications with stimulants in them are the most common types that cause insomnia. If you are on any of these medications and you can’t sleep, talk to your doctor about something different so that you can sleep better.

The Natural Power Of Passion Flower

A lot of us have struggled to find something that will help us sleep the natural way. I have tried a lot of different options for better sleeping, but when I came across the passion flower herbal remedy, I was quite surprised, and here’s why.

It’s Naturally Calming

The Passion flower was first discovered in the 17th century in Peru. Back then, it was used as a sedative and eventually was used for treating seizures, indigestion, and today-anxiety. Researchers aren’t quite sure as to why it has such a calming effect on people, which makes it so strange. What exactly can it do?

Calms Your Mind

If you are nervous or have insomnia, which can lead to terrible sleep quality, the passionflower can help mellow you out. It does this by increasing the GABA chemical in your brain, which lowers the activity of it, making it a great sleep aid.

Helps Your Stomach

Those who suffer stomach problems may be kept up at night due to gas, indigestion, or other issues. The passionflower has a strong antioxidant potential and if it can help with your stomach, it will help keep you asleep longer, improving your sleep quality.

Medicinal Purposes

Herbs have been known to help relieve a lot of medical problems, but did you know that the passionflower can help reduce a mild cough? If we spend the night coughing, are we getting sleep? No, we aren’t, which is having a major effect on our quality of sleep.

Rest Without Consequences

A lot of us have probably tried other types of remedies and pills to help us fall asleep and stay asleep, right? We can choose from a variety of over the counter and prescribed medications as a sleep aid, but is it really worth it?

The passionflower provides a deep sleep for its users without the morning grogginess that we get with a lot of medications out there. When I take Nyquil for a cold, I always wake up groggy even though I slept through the night. Between the passion flowers ability to calm a cough and help us sleep without the grogginess, I think it’s safe for us to swap out the Nyquil with passionflower.?

How To Use The Passion Flower

There are multiple ways you can take the passion flower to better your sleep quality.


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If you walk into any pharmacy or department store with a vitamin section, you’ll probably find a passion flower supplement. You can either take them alone or you can choose to use a passion flower capsule that have other sleep aid herbs inside of it. You can take anywhere from 300-500 milligrams of just the passion flower up to three times a day, but it’s best that you rea??d the bottle as well for instructions.


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This is a good substitute for those who may not be able to take a pill or who just like to drink tea. If you drink just one cup of passion flower tea 1-3 times a day, you can find your stress and anxiety greatly reduced, resulting in a better night of sleep, increasing sleep quality. You can make it by pouring a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of dried flowers and letting it steep for 10-15 minutes.


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This is quite the time consuming process. This is as close as you are going to get to natural without it coming from a factory. You need to chop the flower, pour it into a glass container, shake it daily for 2 weeks, strain it through multiple layers of cheesecloth and squeeze out as much as possible, leave it to settle overnight and pour the clear liquid off of the top, and store it in a dark glass container.

?Once this is all done, you can add a designated amount based on how much of the flower you used, to a small amount of water and drink it. Here is the full recipe. You can also buy it if you don’t want to put all of that work into it.?


The passion flower can help your body in so many different ways which includes reducing anxiety, stress, calming your brain, and just as a general sedative to improve sleep quality. As I said before, nobody really knows how it works, all they know is that it does do something to the body and mind without having any kind of side effect. As always, if you have any questions or a story about how the passion flower helps you, feel free to comment.

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