Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

Everyone chases the best possible sleep, and too often, we come up short of that perfect, restful slumber. Even more prevalent is confusion as to what exactly is unacceptable and causes poor quality sleep. Defining what ailments you’re suffering – overheating, uncomfortable mattress, allergens – can be the hardest part in shopping for a new mattress. Several mattress manufacturers have begun creating products that assist in increasing the likelihood that you’ll sleep more soundly, addressing multiple issues that could be plaguing you, but perhaps the Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress has taken this to the highest level.

Presenting the Layla

Layla Copper Overview

Tons of memory foam mattresses can be helpful in creating a more comfortable and protected sleep environment. However, few of them address issues such as cooling the area so that you don’t overheat or sweat all night, no matter how hard they strive to be the best. The Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress incorporates a number of technologies that assist in granting better sleep and is perhaps the most comprehensive memory foam mattress on the market.

Memory foam is probably the best material if you need constant support and alignment to ease aches and pains from your sleep position, and the copper infusion aids with a variety of other issues, including blood flow and inflammation. The craft that has gone into this mattress makes it one of the best options on the market if you’ve been trying to find something to relieve multiple poor sleep issues.

This particular product works well for people with muscle or bone pain due to misalignment during sleep, as well as those who have overheating issues or temperature control problems during the night. In addition, it helps if you have poor circulation or any sort of arthritis, and if the symptoms are out of control for these ailments, you could benefit greatly from the relief the Layla copper infused memory foam mattress has to offer. However, if you don’t need all of these extras and don’t suffer from some of these health issues this mattress has to offer, you may be able to downgrade and save a little on cost.


  • Infused with copper for cooling and assisting with any sort of inflammatory ailments
  • Cooling technology for a cooler, temperature controlled sleep
  • 120 Day Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee
  • Can be flipped for firmer or softer side
  • Lifetime warranty – complete replacement by the manufacturer


  • Soft side is still quite firm compared to true soft mattresses
  • Not as cool as some other mattresses

Features & Benefits

Perhaps the features that make the Layla mattress stand out most among its competitors are two-fold. First, the dual sided mattress gives you an option for preferred firmness, with one of the two sides being less firm than the other.  Second, the copper infused memory foam offers benefits for several different ailments that can be an issue with getting good sleep. Let’s break it down by the various parts that can help – or hinder – your good sleep.


Layla Foam

The Layla mattress is 10 inches thick and broken down into three separate sections, with one side being firm and the other being ‘soft’. This means you can flip the mattress for a different feel when you sleep. I put this in quotations because several reviews show that even the softer side tends to be fairly firm when compared to truly soft mattresses. I also discovered that the less firm side isn’t quite what I expected in terms of comfort and coziness. If you really want to sink into your mattress, this may not be the one for you. However, you do have an option to select the softer side to sleep on, and the moderate firmness allows for better alignment during sleep than a really soft bed.


The mattress itself is set up in three parts. The firm layer is 1 inch of memory foam, infused with copper that aids in:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation for everyone (and especially good for diabetics), which helps reduce body, nerve, and muscle pain upon waking in the morning
  • Reducing inflammation (the anti-inflammatory properties are excellent for all aches and pains but really assist with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis) so that you aren’t swollen and sore in the morning
  • Cooler sleep that keeps you resting soundly and assures you don’t sweat as much or get as overheated while you sleep

The softer side is 3 inches of high density memory foam (also infused with copper) that provides support for you and your alignment while still offering additional cushion for a slightly more pillowed sleep. As stated, the claims of being soft are a little bit overstated, but it does make a difference, being softer than the alternative side.

In between the flappable comfort levels, there are 6 inches of convoluted base foam that allows plenty of airflow to keep nighttime temperatures better regulated and also provides a solid support base for durability of construction. The foam is dense enough to keep either side from sagging during its lifetime while still retaining the air flow pockets. I found that this doesn’t work as well as some mattresses in terms of maintaining a cool sleep environment, but I’ve definitely slept hotter, so it’s not a failure on the part of the manufacturer. Overall, I would say it does its job to a degree that I wouldn’t actually complain about being hot overnight.

In addition, the mattress cover is infused with cooling gel to further assure that you don’t overheat during sleep. I think this might have been a better way to go, as it seemed to really keep the mattress itself from growing unbearably hot.

Cooling Technology

Layla Mattress Copper

There are three types of cooling technology incorporated into the Layla mattress. First, the gel in the cover helps redistribute and release heat so that, in warmer temperatures, you stay cooler, and when it’s colder, it helps regulate the heat around you. Second, the copper infused into the sleep sides aids the memory foam in remaining cooler, something that memory foam itself isn’t well known for. Finally, the base foam layer inside is built to create airflow that carries away excess heat through air flow channels.

Compared to other memory foam mattresses, this particular model sleeps cooler than the average. However, customer reviews I read agreed with my assessment and show that it’s not as cool as expected (or as cool as some other mattresses claim to be). Still, it does offer relief as long as you don’t expect it to be air conditioned.


Layla Shipping

Your mattress is ‘made to order’ so when you put your order in, the Layla Mattress company will begin the process of building and compressing it. That takes a couple of days, and then your mattress is shipped via FedEx ground, which is typically a 3-day process (though some areas of the USA require a 4th day to get there). You can track the shipping process with a tracking number emailed to you upon shipment.


Mattress Dimensions

The Layla Mattress comes in all standard sizes (twin, full, queen, king), as well as the extended twin XL and California king sizes to suit your needs.


Here’s the kicker you don’t find much of anywhere else. First, you get a 120-day trial period with a full money back guarantee. On top of that, you keep the mattress and receive a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer says that the warranty does not cover stains, rips, tears, or burns on the mattress cover, but that’s the extent of the exceptions.



The Layla Copper Infused mattress doesn’t come cheap, but no memory foam mattress worth the price is truly inexpensive. However, if you look at other models similar to the Layla, you’ll find they want even more for their product that doesn’t even incorporate the copper infusion. I winced a little when I first saw the price of this product, as it seemed a little high. At the same time, after considering the benefits of the mattress, you’ll probably agree with me that the cost – comparable to similar items – is justified. The queen-sized mattress runs for less than $1000 plus shipping.


The Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress is a one of a kind product incorporating brilliant technology and an excellent solution to a number of problems that are haunting you as you try to sleep.

While there are mattresses out there that are softer or cooler, the combination of benefits you’ll find with the Layla mattress far outweigh the need to shop for something else that might not offer the same support and solutions to so many ailments. Rid yourself of anything that disturbs your restful slumber, including overheating and sweating at night, lack of contoured support, and the symptoms of arthritis and other similar diseases.

If this review helped you in your decision to choose the perfect mattress, then feel free to comment and share below! And if you’d like to check out the Layla for yourself, click here!

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