Zenhaven Mattress Review

Getting a new mattress can be a minefield. Stepping out into the world of mattresses can leave you bewildered. With so many sizes, shapes, materials and degrees of firmness you can be left wondering which the best choice is.

Every night spent on an old, out of shape mattress is bad for your body and your mental health. Not getting enough sleep, or a good enough quality of sleep, can leave you irritable and fed up.  So finding a new mattress is so important – not only for you but for your family too! If you’re looking into different materials then you might have heard of latex mattresses.

Zenhaven make all their mattresses from 100% all-natural latex. You might not have heard of this miracle material before but it can totally change the way you sleep.

Zenhaven Mattresses - Everything You Need to Know

Zenhaven Mattress Overview


These mattresses are made from natural latex. This is a latex process called Talalay which is a process to produce moulded pieces of latex foam rubber. The latex is poured into a mold as a liquid and then the whole mold is sealed into a vacuum.

The mold is frozen then carbon dioxide is added to produce the rubber product. Talalay is a process which only uses natural products which means it is more eco-friendly than other latex rubber production methods.

Natural latex also resists mould, bacteria and other germs which means you can rest easy against an infestation of bed bugs! And the rubber naturally forms around your body to cradle you as you sleep.

These mattresses can be ordered in different firmness and sizes. The company also offers you a 120-day trial at home so if you’ve not slept on a latex mattress before you can be sure it suits you before committing to buy.

It is also more breathable than other foam or artificial due to the larger cell size and the pinholes perforated in the top layer which also helps the mattress breathe as well as regulating softness and firmness.

Once you do decide to buy the mattress, it comes with a 20 year warranty. Although it’s recommended you replace your mattress every few years, or at least flip it every so often, this warranty means if anything goes wrong with your product in the next two decades you can get in contact with Zenhaven for help.


  • Exclusive latex “five zone” comfort layer
  • Organic wool layer
  • Range of firmness to suit everyone’s needs


  • Quite heavy and needs time to reshape itself after transit
  • Can be warm to sleep on as it retains heat
  • There is sometimes an odor when initially unpacked

Natural Health Benefits of a Zenhaven Mattress

Talalay Latex

The latex used in a Zenhaven mattress is made from Talalay latex which is naturally resistant to mould, bugs and bacteria. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides unlike other foam mattresses.

It uses no artificial chemicals in the manufacturing process which is how it differs from a memory foam mattress.

The mattress itself is resilient and conforms to your body which means you can “sink into” it at the end of the day and the mattress surrounds you to cocoon your body.

With this mattress, Zenhaven says, your body will be well supported leading to a full and restful night’s sleep.

Different Levels of Firmness

Zenhaven Firmness Level

Unlike some memory foam or other artificial mattress products, you can choose the firmness of your particular size mattress.

The most commonly chosen style of Zenhaven mattress is Luxury Plush. Around 80% of buyers choose the Luxury Plush comfort style which is a medium support mattress. It supports your body but also feels plush and luxurious.

The other style is Gentle Firm which is a harder mattress. This style of mattress is 18% firmer than the Luxury Plush and is marketed at people that want to invest in a latex mattress but still want a slightly firmer feel.

Five Different Areas of Support

Zenhaven Mattress Talalay Latex

The Zenhaven mattress is designed with a unique “five zone” comfort layer which splits up the support to five key areas. The mattress is split into five different zone horizontally across the mattress to make sure you are given the right support in the right areas.

It works by using a differing amount and concentration of pinholes which makes the latex firmer or softer. The more holes – the softer the area is.

For example, the area where your head and shoulders will rest is firmer than the area your hips will lay. This ensures your spine is supported all the way along.

Benefits of Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex

Talalay is one of the methods of producing latex rubber and the other is Dunlop. Although Talalay is more time consuming and expensive, it is generally agreed it produces a much higher quality end product.

Talalay is more elastic and springy which gives you a more buoyant mattress.The way Talalay is made means there is far more control over how springy or firm it is.  The vacuum and freezing process can be controlled tightly to give the mattress more or less firmness.  Science shows that Talalay cells are actually twice as big as those in Dunlop latex. This means it is a far more breathable and aerated form of latex. Not only is this great for your mattresses durability, it also means you get a cooler and drier night’s sleep.

Tested to Destruction

The latex used in Zenhaven mattresses is tested over and over again. Compression tests are carried out where the mattress is squashed to half it’s thickness for 22 hours and then it is monitored to watch it spring back into shape.

The easier it springs back to the original shape, the better your mattress will stand up to being slept on for years to come.

Another test sees a 45lbs weight dropped onto the centre of the mattress for 24 hours. The durability is then measured.

In both tests, American-produced Talalay reacted the best.

Breathable Material Which Keeps You Cool

Zenhaven Mattress

This latex mattress has lots of aeration which allows air to move through the mattress freely. This prevents the mattress from overheating and building up through the night. Zenhaven says Talalay latex used in their mattresses is seven times more breathable than any other type of latex.

Some people find memory foam or other types of artificial mattress material too hot to sleep on. It can conduct heat and if you’re already quite a warm sleeper it can make it worse. But with this breathable material, Zenhaven claim it will stop you overheating in the night.

120-day Home Trial

120 Night Trial

When your mattress is delivered, the team that brings it will do a complete set up in your bedroom. They can even remove your old mattress and take it away.

Zenhaven gives you 120 days to try out the mattress which gives you enough time to check if it springs back to shape properly, if it reacts to your body temperature and shape or even if latex is the right material for your mattress.

If you’re not convinced after 120 days, the company will just come and collect the mattress for you and give you back the cost of the mattress – minus the original delivery fee.

20 Year Guarantee

Another great benefit to buying a Zenhaven mattress is the fact it comes with a 20 year guarantee. In the first two years if your mattress is defective because of faulty workmanship then it will be replaced straight away. After three years, the company will carry out any repairs you need without charge although you will have to pay for transportation costs.

As a new mattress is a considerable investment, this warranty will give you peace of mind when buying as you know you can get help to varying degrees if there are problems in the next 20 years.

In the first two years it is a straight swap and then there are varying levels of cover.

  • Years three to five – replacement mattress for 25% of the original price paid
  • Years six to ten - replacement mattress for 50% of the original price paid
  • Years eleven to twenty - replacement mattress for 75% of the original price paid

Be warned though that you can void the warranty by not storing the mattress on the correct base so make sure you are using a base which complies with the terms and conditions.


So if your mattress is causing you problems and you’re spending all night tossing and turning trying to get some rest on a lumpy bed, then you might want to consider latex. It can help people with joint problems or back pain as it supports while also molding to the shape of your body. Investing in latex means you’re getting an all-natural product which has excellent durability and is breathable. It can be great for people with allergies as it prevents bacteria or bugs from getting into your mattress and causing problems.

Hopefully this review helped you in your decision to get a new mattress. If you want to find out more about latex, check out the range of Zenhaven mattresses here.

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