Bear Mattress Protector Review

The cost of mattresses has gone up in recent years, mostly due to technology and better sleep environments provided by the mattress manufacturers. This makes it essential to protect your expensive mattress from damage, including spills, dust, and more. The Bear mattress protector is a great option for assuring the best protection against hazards that could reduce the life of your expensive mattress.

Bear Mattress Protector Overview

Bear Mattress Protector

You probably paid a fairly high price for your mattress so that you could get a good night’s sleep. But that only works if you aren’t worried about damage that could ruin the mattress or void its warranty, including stains, rips, and other accidents. You also want to make sure you aren’t plagued with allergies due to buildup of allergens. In the process, though, you want to maintain a cool sleep space that doesn’t have you overheating.

When it comes to making sure your mattress stays pristine – stain and odor free – you want the best possible protection. At the same time, you don’t want to give up comfort, which can be a problem with some mattress protectors. Some have crinkling noises when you move, and others absorb heat and make it impossible to stay cool enough to rest easy in your slumber. The Bear mattress cover works to negate these problems so that you can continue to enjoy your mattress without concern of ruining it.

If you want a six-sided, completely sealed mattress protector, the Bear mattress protector is not for you. Also, if you don’t mind being a little warmer through the night, you might want to consider other, less expensive options for mattress protectors. However, the Bear mattress protector can literally be a great option for almost anyone.


  • Breathable for better temperature control
  • Completely waterproof – passed the test with flying colors
  • 10-Year Warranty – full manufacturer guaranteed coverage


  • Not sealed (5-sided; doesn’t protect against bed bugs)
  • Thicker than the average protector (may change the way your mattress feels slightly?

Features & Benefits

The goal of any mattress protector is to make sure the mattress is safe without the sleeper every noticing it’s there. With the Bear mattress protector, these goals are accomplished with ease. The product materials keep it from being noisy, and the materials are completely waterproof, tested to resist liquids for long periods of time (not just a few seconds before cleanup). It’s also attractive to look at and maintains the shape and feel of the mattress beneath.


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Mattress protectors are generally not very thick, though this particular one is a bit heavier than others due to the type of material that is utilized in the waterproof top. Still, this doesn’t take away from any comfort your mattress provides.


Bear has called the backing to the topper HeiQ Adaptive Technology, and it feels very much like neoprene, which is what wetsuits are made of. The good news is, that sort of material is definitely waterproof, trusted by surfers and divers every day. The top is a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes it comfortable to lie on and removes any problems with sound and crinkling that you get with plastic mattress covers or cheaper quality mattress protectors.


The protector is textured for a suppler feel (which may or may not make you happy, since you bought your mattress because you like the way it sleeps) and the sides are made to hug your mattress tight, fitting any mattress up to 20 inches thick. That makes it one of the most versatile mattress protectors on the market, though if you have a particularly thin mattress, you may find that the excess material is too much for even the elastic sides to gather properly. It also protects well against dust, mites, and allergens, although it is 5-sided and does not seal completely against these things.

Cooling Technology

I’ve seen a lot of claims that mattress protectors ‘sleep cool’ and I’m always skeptical. Something about a waterproof layer speaks to the opposite. But I think this product is impressive and lives up to its claims as well as can be expected. The Bear mattress protector is quite breathable and allows for plenty of airflow to maintain a temperature controlled sleep environment.

Cooling Factor

This goes beyond the comfort of the product itself and speaks to the reliability of claims that it doesn’t block the cooling features of any mattresses, especially those containing Celliant. That’s quite a feat for something with a waterproof layer! Overall, without the polyurethane backing that most mattress protectors employ, there is no heat held in, and you won’t see increased trouble with night sweats or overheating. In fact, you might get some relief from any of these issues that currently plague you.

Care Instructions

The Bear mattress protector is completely machine washable, making it easy to care for. Whether a spill is washed immediately or hours after occurring, you’ll find that your mattress is still safe (the Bear protector having absorbed the liquid), and there will be no stains on the material after washing. There’s no easier care product on the market. You can also tumble dry on a low heat setting, but if you’re bad about remembering to change the settings or have a dryer that is older and unreliable with temperature, it might be better to hang dry. Too much heat can definitely damage the waterproof backing on the mattress protector.


The Bear Mattress Protector comes in a variety of sizes that assures you can find the right one for your application. Sizes are standard, with the queen measuring 60” x 80”, and they are made to fit mattresses up to 18” deep. While there are not a lot of extended sizes available, you’ll find that it’s a pretty complete list, and any time you search for an extended size, you’ll have trouble finding a full mattress protector for a reasonable price. Choose from:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
Mattress Dimensions


Weighing Scale

The product is lightweight, even if it is slightly heavier than the typical thin mattress protector. The queen size weighs only 16 ounces (1 pound), which makes it easy to handle. Depending on the depth of your mattress, it might be a tight fit, but with the light weight of the product and the durable construction, installation is very easy.


The Bear mattress protector comes with a 30 day return policy, including a money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the way it sleeps, you can return it with no problem and get a full refund of the purchase price from the manufacturer. It also has a full 10 year warranty that covers defects from the manufacturer and any issues with lack of protection due to the failure of the product itself. However, you should take proper care of the mattress protector, since any damage caused due to poor care will not be covered under the warranty.


For such a durable, long lasting product that is guaranteed to work and has a great warranty, the cost of the Bear Mattress Protector is beyond reasonable. You get cooling assistance with breathable material, comfort that is maintained without interference in the way your mattress sleeps, and protection for an affordable price.


The Bear mattress protector assures that your mattress remains in good condition and lasts throughout the life of its warranty. With complete waterproof protection and resistance to dust, mites, and other allergens, this product fulfills its promise to safeguard against damage that could ruin your mattress.

Protecting your investment with a mattress protector is a smart choice, and if you want security at a reasonable price, the Bear mattress protector is a great option for you. And if you want to check it out for yourself, click here!

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