eLuxurySupply Quilted Deluxe Feather Bed

If you’ve purchased a mattress that offers you a great deal of support but just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to a soft, cradled feeling throughout the night, consider the option of adding the eLuxurySupply quilted deluxe feather bed to your sleep environment. This hypoallergenic option for an added layer of comfort increases the ‘cloud’ sensation of sinking into comfort without taking away the support of a good mattress that contours properly to keep your spine in line throughout the night.

eLuxurySupply Quilted Deluxe Overview

The eLuxurySupply quilted deluxe feather bed is a blend of goose feathers and down with a cotton top that really adds a lot of cushion to your sleep space. While you may need a firmer mattress to assist in keeping your back and neck aligned during a good night’s slumber, you may also find that you want the cushion you get from a softer bed. Look no further than this feather bed, which offers the perfect balance when slept with a firm mattress.

The eLuxury bed is good for those who want something similar to a pillow top on their mattress, but softer and fluffier. If you tend to sleep hot – especially if you have night sweats – this particular product may not be the best option for you, as it tends to hold heat more than other mattress toppers. Also, if you prefer a firm, contoured bed but don’t want to ‘sink in’ deep, you might want to continue your search for the perfect sleeper. However, if you like to bask in the warmth of your bed and need a little extra cushion, the eLuxurySupply bed is right for you.


  • 200+ Thread Count in the cotton covering
  • Easy to fluff with tons of feathers and down in channels
  • Completely Hypoallergenic
  • check
    Cotton top for comfort, including negating possibility of feathers poking you


  • Sleeps hot, holding in a great deal of heat
  • Cannot machine wash without ruining the feather bed

Features & Benefits

When it comes to a comfortable, pillowed sleep environment, many of the newer mattresses don’t quite hit the mark. Even a lot of the pillow top mattresses can’t mimic the sensation of the old feather beds, which weren’t particularly supportive but felt like warm hugs at night. Of course, how many times have older mattresses left you hurting, your back, neck, hips, and legs screaming at you in the morning?

It’s better to have a perfect contour that maintains proper alignment to avoid aches and pains in the morning, as well as long term damage to the spine, but why should you have to give up the luxury of sinking into softness, which can also help you sleep more soundly? The eLuxurySupply feather bed changes all of that. You can still feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm, soft space while reaping the benefits of a firmer, more contoured mattress beneath the enveloping feather and down bed.


This particular product has a rather thick fill, ranging from 8 pounds (for the twin sized bed) to 15 pounds (for a king or California king sized models). What this means is that, with the ease of fluffing the feather and down fill due to the way it’s constructed, you’ll be adding a good one to two inches of soft, sinkable pillow on top of your firm, contoured mattress, supported with a thick 4 inch gusset. If there’s a particular lovable quality about this feather bed, it’s the overwhelming thick, cloud sensation as you fall into it at night.


The fill for these feather beds is a 10/90 blend of feathers and down, giving you the heft of true feathers – that are still on the quill, unlike some less authentic versions of feather beds – with the even fill of down to help you create the perfect sleep space. The top is 100% 233-thread count weaved cotton twill that is quilted for your comfort. This assists in making sure a feather doesn’t poke you in the middle of the night. It also creates a smooth surface that will feel like All materials are hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about having a bad reaction to anything that’s been incorporated into the design.


Aside from having a quilted cotton top for a more comfortable sleep, you also get baffle box construction, which keeps the feather bed a consistent flat design and doesn’t allow the fill to ‘pocket’ or bunch in one area. This is accomplished with vertical channel construction, keeping the fill aligned and easier to fluff. This particular product is well made, with quality stitching that assures longevity of life for the feather bed.

Another great aspect of this feather bed’s construction is that there are just enough feathers (quills included) to maintain the integrity of the fluffiness. If this had more feathers, it wouldn’t have such a consistent, flawless feel. If it had only down, the feather bed would easily get packed down and not fluff at all as it should. I rarely had to do any fluffing to keep this product at just the right level of comfort.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a true feather bed, which is meant to cushion your sleep. However, there is no cooling technology incorporated into the design. In fact, this particular feather bed will likely keep you warmer rather than allowing for heat to escape. Because of the way the feathers and down retain heat, it is also recommended that you use a feather bed cover so that you don’t damage the feather bed itself while sweating at night or by shedding dead skin overnight.

Care Instructions

It is best to use a feather bed cover and perhaps even a mattress pad to help protect your eLuxurySupply quilted feather bed. It’s too large for even the largest industrial washing machine, with down and feathers that may become damaged if you were to try to wash it, and should be spot cleaned if necessary. You can also have it dry cleaned, if it is heavily soiled, but using the protective covers should keep it in good shape, reducing risk from spills, sweat, dead skin, dust, mites, and other allergens.


One of the downsides to the eLuxurySupply quilted deluxe feather bed is that it doesn’t come in a particularly wide variety of sizes. The product comes in standard bed sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and California king. The extended ‘XL’ sizes for twin and full sized mattresses are not available. However, it is possible to use the standard size feather beds on the extended size mattresses, since you likely don’t need the added cushion for the top and bottom inch or two of your mattress length. I would not recommend trying to use a king sized feather bed on a California king sized mattress, though, since the measurements don’t line up in either direction.


Weight (based on fill) is as follows:

  • Twin – 8 lbs
  • Full – 10 lbs
  • Queen – 12 lbs
  • King – 15 bls
  • California King – 15 lbs

Note that, currently, only the queen and king sizes are available for purchase. Others are not being sold at this time though th twin and full sized feather beds will be available in the future.

Shipping & Return Policy

There are a lot of benefits to be had with the shipping and return policies offered by eLuxurySupply, and that’s a good thing. Any online only dealer should have a reputation for excellence in these areas, and this manufacturer doesn’t disappoint. If your order is over $50, shipping is free. Otherwise, there is a flat $5 fee for shipping of any product or purchase under $50. If you are unsatisfied with the feather bed, you can send it back within the first 30 days for a complete refund. While this is the only warranty on the feather bed, if you take proper care with a cover, there is no need to worry about damage and returns.


Considering that the eLuxurySupply feather bed is more of a mattress topper than an actual bed, the cost is reasonable. Some sites offer a discount, especially during holidays and promotions. While this is not the least expensive option on the market, for the quality of the product, it’s an affordable option.


Getting the restful sleep you deserve comes with many factors. You need an environment that is temperature controlled for your comfort, as well as a space that offers you constant support to avoid muscular and skeletal pains. All of this needs to be accomplished while also creating a cushion that doesn’t leave you feeling sore and bruised, as if you’d slept on a wooden plank.

Used with a supportive mattress that keeps you properly aligned throughout the night to avoid excess wear and tear on your muscles and bones, the eLuxurySupply quilted deluxe feather bed hits the mark if you’re looking for warmth and pillowed softness. If you’d like to check out the eLuxurySupply for yourself, click below!

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