ISO Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad Review

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, several common issues can keep you awake or restless during your slumber. Waking up refreshed requires comfort and peace of mind. While there isn’t a product that can reduce every day concerns on your mind, you can find tools to ease pain, allergies, and issues with temperature control while you rest. The ISO Cool memory foam mattress is designed to help in each of these areas so you can rest well and wake up refreshed.

ISO Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad Overview

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Outlast Cover

The ISO Cool memory foam mattress pad combines the comfort of memory foam with the technology of cooling to help regulate sleep temperatures. This mattress pad helps with soreness as well as night sweats and hot flashes, making it a complete solution for users with multiple sleep issues.

In addition, the 100% cotton is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of irritation caused by some other materials. It fits most mattresses and doesn’t retain a strong chemical smell.

Compared to other mattress toppers out there, you’ll find that the ISO Cool pad takes care of multiple issues. Other manufacturers sell the memory foam topper and cooling pad separately. With ISO, these are combined into one convenient model.

If you’re looking to ease the aches and pains of spring mattresses or to ease the discomfort of night sweats and extreme cold, the ISO mattress pad is for you. Of course, if you don’t suffer from these ailments, you may want to continue searching for the right product to meet your needs, such as a separate cooling pad or just a memory foam pad.


  • Regulates temperature while sleeping
  • Stays firm and contours to your body
  • Hypoallergenic cotton material
  • Complete solution for numerous sleep issues
  • Fits most mattresses (up to 20 inches deep)


  • A bit expensive
  • Time consuming setup process
  • A bit heavy

Features & Benefits

The ISO Cool memory foam pad incorporates several advances in sleep technology to make your rest more peaceful.


The memory foam is 3 inches thick, giving it enough room to conform to your shape while you sleep without bottoming out. That aids in assuring you don’t have unsupported areas where you sleep hardest. Of course, the downside of this is that, when you first set it up, you’ll need to adjust it for several hours in order to ‘plump’ it appropriately. Still, the pain relief seems to be instantaneous, with users experiencing more comfort the very first night.

Pinzon Hypoallergenic Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad


The cover on the mattress pad is hypoallergenic and high quality. I like my thread count high enough for comfort but not so high that it interferes with cooling. The 300 thread count of this product seems just right. It also has 11 ounces per square yard of quilted polyester fill that assures it will hold its shape.

Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt - Extra Plush Cooling Topper

Cooling Technology

One of the biggest problems people experience in sleeping comfortably is the inability to regulate temperature. The Adaptive Cooling Technology in the ISO mattress pad absorbs body heat to keep you cooler when you get too warm and then releases it back to you to avoid you feeling cold. It’s great for people with hot flashes or who take medications that cause night sweats, too.


The cover that comes with the pad works for nearly any mattress, with deep pockets rated to hold up to 20 inches. Therefore, even with a thick mattress and the additional three inches added by the pad itself, you shouldn’t have a problem getting this tucked in properly for an excellent fit.

Pinzon Hypoallergenic Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad


When this arrives, you may need help, especially if you have ordered it to assist with back pain. It weighs thirty pounds, and maneuvering a large object like this that isn’t square can really put a strain on your muscles. Of course, in order to be this thick and supportive, the weight is a necessity. Once set up, though, it’s worth it, so just enlist the help of someone without back or neck problems to help you set it up.

Weighing Scale


The manufacturer’s warranty is easy to cash in on through the customer service available. This warranty is good for five years and is fairly comprehensive, though it is limited and doesn’t cover everything. For example, poor care or misuse makes it your responsibility to replace. However, manufacturer defects and such are easily compensated, as long as you take the time to make the call.


If you’re looking to resolve issues with morning back and neck pain as well as to sleep more soundly with temperature control, the ISO Cool memory foam mattress pad can do the trick. Don’t spend time or extra money trying to find multiple solutions for multiple problems.

You can create a better sleep environment with a single solution that has all the elements you need for peace and comfort in your slumber. The contouring of the thick memory foam coupled with the hypoallergenic material and the cooling technology can really reduce sleeping woes. Click here to learn more about the ISO mattress pad.

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