Layla Mattress vs Luxi Mattress

There are some things in life we should be able to be picky about. With the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, it’s rare that we take too much time on anything, but when it comes to picking a mattress, it should be one of the things we take more seriously.Think about it — a mattress is something you’re going to have to use each night. It’s important to find one that is not only comfortable, but affordable and durable, too. So, which mattress is better? Layla vs Luxi?

The Layla mattress would be perfect for someone who tends to get hot while they sleep but may be a bit pricier than most. The Luxi mattress forms and shapes itself to your moving body, but could also be a less than ideal fit if you’re sharing the mattress with a picky sleep partner. We’ve compiled a few facts about each of these top quality mattresses so you can decide which mattress would be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Keep reading!

Comparison Table

Layla Mattress

Luxi Mattress

Luxi Memory Foam Mattress

Comes  Infused with copper for coolness and  joint comfort

Has air pockets for circulating for circulating air

Is two-sided for a softer and firmer side

Can be adjusted per side for sleep partners

May be too difficult to flip mattress for softer of firmer sides?

Maybe be a bit too expensive for some?

Has a lifetime warranty

Has a limited warranty of ten years

The Layla

Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress features a copper infused memory foam mattress that is ideal for someone who tends to overheat or sweat in their sleep, or for someone who has circulatory issues or arthritis as copper is a natural anti-inflammatory aid.

The Layla mattress is ten inches thick – a bit thicker than most mattresses and comes with a mattress cover infused with ThermoGel cooling pockets for bringing down body heat. The mattress features a softer and firmer side, so you’d just have to flip the mattress according to preference.

This mattress comes in twin, full, queen and king sizes, as well as extended twin and California king sizes depending on your needs. The Layla also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of the Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is one of the only mattresses on the market that targets sleepers with circulatory issues. Since the mattress is infused with copper, the mattress could help with inflamed joints and pain. The cooling properties of the copper infusion will also help sleepers who tend to overheat in their sleep.

Layla Mattress Copper

Aside from temperature and circulatory control, the Layla also benefits people who suffer from spine misalignment issues. Targeting all the pressure points, this mattress utilizes memory foam to help reduce pressure and pain while boosting a good night’s rest. You could be waking up to less creaks and pains if you are accustomed to misalignment issues.

The Layla also comes with a 120 day trial money-back guarantee on top of the aforementioned lifetime warranty. That’s a pretty good deal, especially since you’d want to have enough time to be sure that this was the most ideal mattress for you.

Downsides to the Layla Mattress

As stated before, this mattress has two sides with varying firmness. One side is softer, while the other side is firmer. It may be a bit of a hassle to figure out which side you prefer, since you’d have to physically flip the mattress over in order to try each side out.

On top of that, the softer side may be too soft for some, or the firm side may be too firm for some depending on preference. This could also be an issue when sleeping with a partner, since it’s rare to find two sleepers who like the same kind of firmness to their mattress.

While this mattress is still thick at ten inches, this would not be an ideal mattress for someone who likes to “sink” into their mattresses. That being said, the softer side to this mattress may also not be as soft as preferred.

Layla Foam

The Luxi

The Luxi mattress comes fully adaptable for sleeping with a partner. Each side of this mattress is adjustable, so no matter how picky your partner may be, this mattress can be easily adjusted by softness or firmness accordingly.

The Luxi’s shape is also designed to maintain sufficient airflow throughout the mattress to promote a cooler sleeping condition than most mattresses. The more you move, the better with this mattress since movement helps funnel air throughout the entire mattress.

The Luxi is 12 inches thick and is comprised of memory foam, latex foam and a base foam for added support. The quilted cover adds plushness to the mattress, while the entire mattress aids in cooling, durability, motion transfer and pressure relief.

Benefits of the Luxi Mattress

At 12 inches thick, this mattress would be great for someone who needs that extra support and texture. The Luxi has support balancing technology that aids with compression and body contouring. The three layers of foam (memory, latex and base) are all CertiPUR-U.S. certified.

Not only is this mattress completely constructed in the United States, but it has a 1,000 night sleep trial and a ten year warranty. This mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king, so basically any size needs would be met with this mattress.

Breaking out of that “one size fits all” mindset, the Luxi mattress is completely adjustable by side. This mattress is ideal for partners, as some sleepers will prefer a softer or firmer mattress from their mate. The mattress is also adjustable for single sleepers and can be adjusted as one mattress instead of two sides.

Downsides to the Luxi Mattress

Starting at less than a grand, the Luxi mattress may be a bit pricier than most people are willing to spend on a mattress. Although the Luxi is made with 12 inches of high quality materials, this mattress may not be in someone’s normal price range.

Another downside would be the memory foam. Although each side to this mattress is customizable, memory foam does sometimes cause heat retention in the mattress. If you or your partner are particularly hot sleepers, this mattress could be a bit uncomfortable. That being said, since each side is customizable, maybe adjusting and testing out different firmness’s would help with this.

The ten year warranty with this mattress may not be an ideal time frame for some buyers. There are cheaper mattresses on the market that have a longer sleep trial timeframe with a better warranty deal. If you’re someone who needs a stellar warranty to aid in a buying decision, you may just want to look elsewhere when shopping for your ideal mattress.


Both of these mattresses have amazing features and both constructed from high quality materials. Depending on what you need in a mattress, the Luxi or the Layla could be your best match.

All this really depends on what you feel comfortable with material and price wise.Whether you’re a single sleeper or have a partner, picking out a mattress can be a tough decision, especially since most mattresses last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. This is going to be a longtime decision no matter what kind of mattress you get, so hopefully you have time to test one or both of these mattresses out before coming to a concrete decision.We hope the information in this article has helped you in making this decision!

Let us know which mattress you choose and how it all goes. Hopefully your best night’s rest yet lies in one of these amazing mattresses.

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