Layla vs Amerisleep – Which One is Better?

There is something comforting about simplicity. Knowing there isn’t a lot of complication means you can feel confident knowing each part of something and what each of those parts does. Perhaps surprisingly, this can be true for mattresses.

Two foam mattresses have come out which contain only three layers. That’s it. Normally you see several layers of different kinds of foam, each with different properties. Then you’ll have hybrid mattresses with foam and springs, adding more complication.

With the Layla and Amerisleep Liberty mattresses, simplicity is key as each only has three layers. Which is best? Let’s see what each offers and find out if we can make a decision.

Comparison Table

Layla Mattress

Amerisleep Liberty

Copper-infused foam

Breathable foam

Two firmness levels

Single support level

Durable support core

Strong, durable core

The Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress

There are two interesting aspects to the Layla mattress: it uses copper-infused foam and sports two different levels of firmness in a single mattress. Both of these make for interesting features.


  • Copper-infused foam
  • Two levels of firmness
  • 120-night trial period
  • Purchase supports homeless
  • Removable cover


  • Support core density unknown


Each side of the Layal mattress is a different firmness. On one side, it’s fairly soft and sinky, giving you a good sensation of memory foam. To get a firmer experience, just zip off the cover and flip the mattress over. Boom, firmer mattress. This is really quite cool and is something I’ve only ever seen in a couple mattresses.


Memory foam is notorious for being hot, and the Layla mattress combats this by using copper-infused foam. It’s one of a very few mattresses using this sort of technology. Whereas most combat heat by either injecting gel into the foam or changing the structure of the foam to allow for better airflow, the Layla mattress uses copper to help pull heat away from the body.

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, so the science behind this is pretty solid and reviews seem to suggest it works very well. Additionally, the cover of the mattress has heat-removing properties thanks to some gel sewn into it.


I’m always a huge fan of removable covers and, while the cover being removable on this mattress is primarily to allow it to be flipped for the change in firmness, it also means it can be cleaned if it either gets too dirty or you just want to feel cleaner. They suggest it only be dry cleaned, so keep that in mind if you do decide to snag the Layla.


Foam density is a big determining factor for how long your mattress will last, so having that number is a big deal. I have been unable to determine the exact density of the Layla mattresses’ support core, which uses convoluted foam (that egg crate foam you may have seen before). It also doesn’t say it’s “high density” which can’t be claimed unless it’s at least 1.8 pounds per cubic foot, which is a good level. 

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

Of the various mattresses offered by Amerisleep, the Liberty is supposed to be the best for every type of sleeper, which is a pretty big claim. Like the Layla mattress, it does have some neat features, most of which are proprietary.


  • Cooling memory foam
  • Soft transition layer
  • Strong support core


  • Single firmness
  • Could be too firm


The Liberty is right smack in the middle of Amerisleep’s five-point firmness scale. As such, it should allow for comfort for all positions, being good for folks who move around while they sleep or for couples who may have different sleeping positions. Unfortunately, at least when compared to the Layla mattress, this does mean it only has a single firmness level. Also, I have read that it can be a little too firm for people who are lighter.

Additionally, the mattress has two comfort layers. The first is an extra-responsive foam layer which should adjust more quickly to your movements than a standard memory foam. Below this is something they call the “affinity transition layer.” Not much information is available from it, but the descriptions sounds like reflex foam, which is a high-density version of polyfoam, which is similar to memory foam. So that’s cool.


The first layer of the Liberty, apart from the cover, is their “Bio-Pur” foam layer which is supposed to provide extra coolness. They claim it is five times more breathable than standard memory foam, which is a pretty big claim, but a good one, if it stands true. If it works as advertised, it will allow heat to leave the foam much quickly after it is absorbed. Good stuff all around.

Also, the cover is made of a material they call “Celliant” which is supposed to turn your body heat into infrared light, which sounds like science fiction, but in a really good way. It is made with 13 different thermoreactive materials which work to make this all happen.


As far as extras go, there isn’t a lot. The cover on this mattress isn’t removable and it only features a single level of firmness. It is of note, however, that they use quite a few plant-based materials in the mattress which means it’s eco-friendly. If you’re working to make the world a little better for the next generation, you’re doing something right.


The core of the mattress is what they call their “Bio-Core” material. It is made of very high-quality foam, though the exact measurement isn’t available. It can be expected, however, to last you for quite some time.

The Verdict

Your choice for these mattresses is going to come down to a couple factors. If you’re sleeping with a partner, you’ll probably enjoy the Amerisleep Liberty more since it is a firmness which should suit multiple sleeping styles. However, the variability offered from the Layla mattress can go a long way toward figuring out what you like best, and the removable cover is a big plus for me. If I were to buy a mattress right now, I would likely go with the Layla.

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