Layla vs Helix: Which is Best?

It’s not something we typically consider each day, but is absolutely important to our overall wellbeing – the mattress we sleep on. There are so many styles and varieties of mattresses out there, but which one is better for you?

With so many choices and things to consider, it can definitely be overwhelming to conduct your own research. We’ve narrowed the search down into two versatile mattresses, the Layla mattress and the Helix mattress, but which of these is best?

The Layla mattress is a copper infused memory foam mattress with ThermoGel while the Helix mattress features proprietary Helix dynamic foam. Both mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages, but it’s really up to you to decide which one is best suitable for your lifestyle.We’ve compiled a few specifications and elements to make your choice a bit easier, so please read on!?

Comparison Table

Layla Mattress

Helix Mattress

Copper helps keep the mattress cool

Reduces back and joint pain

Has two firmness options

Dual option best for sleeping with a partner

Can  be a hassle to have to flip mattress for softer or firmer side

Thin mattress cover

The Layla Mattress

As stated before, the Layla mattress features a copper infused memory foam mattress with ThermoGel. It is dual sided and the copper infusion is supposed to relieve joint pain and stiffness. This mattress comes targeting rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers, so if you or someone you know has these kinds of joint problems, this is a definite plus to consider.

The copper in the mattress is supposed to aid in blood circulation, comparing the effectiveness of the mattress to those copper health bands people sometimes wear. Since copper emits antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the mattress is supposed to improve blood flow all while you’re sleeping. The mattress is also meant to remain cool, since copper has a harder time holding on to heat naturally.?

Benefits of the Layla Mattress

The most enticing factor of the Layla mattress has to be the inclusion of copper into the actual mattress itself. Helping with blood flow, especially for people who deal with joint pain and disease, is a major benefit. The fact the copper keeps the mattress cool, as well, is also really great for people who need cooler temperatures to fall and stay asleep.

Another great benefit is the fact that this mattress has two sides. If one side is too soft for comfort, flip it over and utilize the firmer side. Both sides are infused with copper, so whether you prefer firm or soft, the benefits of the copper is there.

The high-density memory foam helps aid in joint discomfort and being able to choose a soft or firm side is ideal for finding the perfect sleep standard. Check out this YouTube video that shows more info on the Layla Mattress.?

Downsides to the Layla Mattress

The soft side of the Layla mattress can be too soft for some people. Also, since the mattress does have a high-density memory foam feature, it can be a bit too hot for some despite the copper infusion. Some people prefer their mattresses to cool down quickly, where the Layla may take too long for some because of the density.

Some users may also find it is a hassle to have to flip the mattress over to use the softer or firmer side. The mattress is not customizable, so you’d need to find a side that both you and your partner could be comfortable with. This may cause some discourse as people are all different and prefer their own softness or firmness in mattresses.?

The Helix

The Helix mattress features proprietary dynamic foam which can be customizable depending on personal preference. The mattress is a blend of pocket micro coils and a high-grade polyfoam base. The thickness of these elements varies depending on what your specification requirements are.

The high-grade foam acts more like expensive latex than it does memory foam, as it quickly bounces back to its original shape. It also cools faster than a memory foam mattress, for those who prefer cooler sleep conditions.

The mattress comes customizable in thickness of layers of Helix dynamic foam and poly foam base. The micro coils are standard. Taking the sleep quiz online will help you determine how thick or thin you need each layer depending on your personal preference or trouble spots. For example, pain in pressure points can be a considering factor.

Benefits of the Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is highly customizable, so you can choose between a dual comfort mattress to make each sleeper happy or the blended mattress that takes each preference and blends it into one mattress. With these two options, the optimum sleep experience should be expected from each user.

The Helix mattress also helps reduce joint pain and typical sleep discomfort due to its high-density material and thickness options. Due to that same high density material, motion transfer is also set to a minimum, adding that much more comfort to you and your partner's sleep. The micro coils offer an appropriate level of bounce while the high-density foam provides minimal motion transfer.

Downsides to the Helix Mattress

Some people may find the Helix mattress either too firm or too soft despite the blended or dual options. Although the mattress is customizable, after you break it in, you must may find you don’t like the consistency of the mattress. For pickier sleepers, the dual option may be a better choice than the blended option.

The Helix also comes with a mattress cover that may be too thin for some people since it is prone to bunching. Investing in a high-quality mattress cover could solve the problem if the bunching becomes uncomfortable.

The Verdict

Overall, you should take into consideration the pros and cons of each type of mattress thoroughly before making a choice. Hopefully this article has provided a bit of insight as to which mattress would be the best choice for you and your partner.

Once you go through the list and do some of your own research, I’m sure you will find the perfect mattress suitable for your needs. A mattress should be a good investment since they provide so much and last a relatively long time. If this helped you out in your decision to purchase a new mattress, or if you had further questions, please comment and share below!

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