Layla vs Saatva: Which Is Best For You?

At the end of a long, busy day, what we want the most is to be able to rest and relax to recharge for the next day. Getting enough sleep is important in order for our brains and bodies to function at their best, but unfortunately, getting adequate sleep is a problem for most adults.

One way to help ensure a restful night’s sleep, is to sleep on a mattress that caters to your physical needs and, most importantly, is comfortable. With so many mattresses on the market, it can be hard to choose which mattress would be ideal for your lifestyle.

Do you want memory foam or spring? Firmer or softer? Or, in this case, the Layla mattress or the Saatva mattress? Which would work better for you?

In the Layla vs Saatva case, we’ve broken down each of these mattresses unique specifications, makeup and features to help get you to a decision you can be comfortable with. Keep reading for more information on these two highly innovative mattresses.

Comparison Table

Layla Mattress

Saatva Mattress

Has heat-dispersing copper infusion

Considered a "crossover" mattress

Has two sides for firmness preference

Has both coils and memory foam

Can be cumbersome to flip over

Promotes durability and joint comfort

The Layla

Layla Mattress

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Layla mattress is that it’s copper-infused. The entire mattress has copper cells throughout the mattress that aids in cooling the mattress for a more restful sleep.

Since, while we’re sleeping, our bodies tend to heat up, the copper throughout the memory foam of this mattress is said to aid in keeping things cool. Since memory foam is typically known for retaining heat, the cooling properties of the copper help decrease this heat retention.

The mattress also features a ThermoGEL cooling cover that helps to redistribute and release heat throughout the mattress instead of letting the heat sink down into the memory foam. Both of these cooling properties combined makes this mattress a perfect option for especially hot sleepers.

Benefits of the Layla Mattress

Since the Layla mattress has so many cooling properties, some clear benefits are sleep comfort – as far as temperature goes. If you sleep with a hot sleeper, or are a hot sleeper yourself, you know waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat is absolutely awful. It’s hard getting a good night’s rest when you’re hot and uncomfortable.

This mattress has all those cooling agents to help with hot sleepers, but also, since it’s infused with copper, this mattress is great for people with circulatory issues. Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory element, so this would help people who suffer from bad circulation, arthritis or other circulatory issues. The Layla promotes blood flow and anti-inflammation throughout the whole body.

The Layla can also help sleepers who suffer from misalignment or joint pain. With two different sides – one firm and one soft- the sleeper can choose which side suites them the best. Having a two-sided mattress with different levels of firmness isn’t typical.

Downsides to the Layla Mattress

As stated before, this mattress does feature two copper-infused sides featuring a softer and firmer side. However, in order to test out which side is best for you, you’d have to flip the mattress a few times to get to that conclusion. This may be difficult for single sleepers or elderly sleepers who can’t be flipping a mattress on the regular.

Another downside is, despite all these innovative cooling properties, some sleepers may find this mattress just too hot because of the memory foam. This mattress does come with a 120-day sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, so if you’re not happy with the mattress within 120 days, you can simply return it.

The Saatva

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress features five layers all promoting restful sleep. With two different types of coils and memory foam, this mattress holds beneficial properties in durability, comfort and breathability. This mattress is suggested to help people with muscle pain, joint affliction and overall body alignment.

The mattress utilizes traditional coil springs covered by memory foam and a comfy pillow top cover. Considered a “crossover” mattress, this mattress features the best of both worlds – comfort and tradition.

Aside from typical steel coils, the Saatva mattress also features individually wrapped coils with foam casting to help keep the mattress’s durability while provided extra layers of comfort. The wrapped coils and other layers promote sleep durability and motion isolation – perfect for sleeping with light sleep partners.

Benefits of the Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress does feature five different levels of materials to give you the best sleeping experience possible. The bottom layer features strong coils to prevent sagging, covered by foam casted coils that act as two layers to utilize softness while provided plenty of durability. All this is topped by a pillow top that holds laminated memory foam and covered by another pillow top to promote ventilation.

All these layers are said to promote healthy airflow to keep the body cool with contouring pain relief and an extra layer of comfort via the pillow top covering. This mattress also features a 120-day sleep trial, so you have some time to figure out if this crossover mattress is the ideal fit for your lifestyle. The Saatva website also says this mattress should last anywhere from 12 to 15 years if cared for properly, which is excellent since it has a 15 year warranty to accompany your purchase.

Downsides to the Saatva Mattress

While all these layers of cooling properties and comfort sound great, the truth is, this just may not be the right fit for you. Coils, no matter the soft covering, can sometimes make a mattress too durable and make movement isolation nearly impossible. Some sleepers may find this mattress too firm and wake up easily to movement.

The memory foam can also be seen as a problem to hot sleepers, since memory foam, no matter if it is laminated, can cause heat retention. If you’re an extra sensitive sleeper, this could definitely deter you from being able to fall into a restful sleep for very long.


While both these mattresses have their innovative features targeted at getting you to sleep faster and sounder, the truth is, neither may be the perfect fit for you. On the upside, one of them definitely could be the perfect mattress. The choice is really all yours and hopefully some of the information you read in this article could help you come to a decision you’d be happy with.

Thanks to the sleep trials, you definitely could try out each mattress and see for yourself. Just take into consideration that each has their own specific warranty/care information and should be kept in mind when testing out any mattress.

Hopefully, your best night’s sleep yet is just around the corner!

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