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Among all the important purchases you’ll make throughout your life, some purchases seem to be much more important than others. A house, for example, is something you’ll probably only purchase once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime since it’s a huge investment.

All the things that go into a house to make it a home are important, as well, but aside from furnishings and appliances, a particular item that most people put more thought into is their mattress. A good quality mattress will last you up to 10 years, so it’s an item you’d be smart in researching on.

What kind of mattress do you need, exactly? Do you prefer a softer or a firmer mattress? What does your sleep partner, if you have one, prefer? When it comes to the Layla vs Voila mattresses, we’ve compiled a list of specifications, pros and cons you may want to read before fully committing to one mattress.

Comparison Table

Layla Mattress

Viola Mattress

Has double sides for a firmer and softer side

Has a plush, medium and firm base

Has heat-reducing copper wiring

Is almost entirely customizable

Copper wiring is beneficial for those with joint issues

Can be a bit too expensive for some

Firm or soft side could be too firm or too soft

May be too thick and hold heat

The Layla

Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is a state-of-the-art copper wired infused mattress that improves the circulatory system and promotes comfortable, cool sleep. Laden with thick memory foam, on first thought, you wouldn’t believe this mattress promotes a cool sleeping environment since memory foam is notorious for retaining heat.

The Layla mattress, however, bolsters an ingenious copper wiring design that literally spools copper throughout the entire mattress. This is an ideal mattress for people with circulatory issues such as arthritis, or people who tend to be a hot sleeper.

Wake up constantly sweating in the middle of the night? Then you’re a hot sleeper and this mattress may be just the thing to stop those night sweats.

Benefits of the Layla Mattress

Some of the greatest benefits that make the Layla a true stand alone is the copper infusion and double sides. One side of this mattress is firmer, while the other side is softer. Depending on your preference, a simple flip of the mattress is all you need to get that perfect sleeping firmness. Both sides are wired with copper, so you’ll also get the cooling effects on each side.

Aside from keeping the mattress cool, the copper wiring also alleviates joint tension naturally since copper is a known anti-inflammatory property. Anyone with joint pain or a circulatory issue could see major benefits with the Layla and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Downfalls to the Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress does have a double side – one being firmer and one being softer – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that either side will fit your sleeping needs. In order to test out each side, the mattress would need to be flipped, which could be cumbersome in itself if you have a single sleeper or an elderly couple.

The Layla also does come with plenty of copper wiring, but depending on each person, this still does not guarantee a cool sleep area. If you are a hotter sleeper, this mattress just may not cut it and you could wake up uncomfortable.

The Voila

The Voila mattress is a high-quality mattress that offers three different levels: plush, medium and firm. Ranging from 10 to 12 inches, this mattress can hold up to 13 layers, depending on preference. Because of these options, this mattress is customizable.

The Voila’s pocketed coils and support provides pressure relief and comfort from all these foam layers specifically put together for your own sleeping preference. This mattress also boasts fantastic edge support (which is great for anyone who needs extra prevention from slipping) and maintains high bounce levels.

With plenty of sinking support, this mattress will make the sleeper feel as if they’re floating, which makes this one of the best, high quality hybrid mattresses in the market.

Benefits of the Voila Mattress

With so many cushiony layers, the Voila can be tailored to almost any sleep preference. The Voila goes outside the “one firmness fits all” mattress presumption and truly stands apart from most others. This is a highly responsive mattress that will not only give you that floating feeling, but will also retain its shape immediately after rising.

The pocketed coils throughout this mattress also offers a cooler sleep experience perfect for people who run on the warm side once asleep. The great bounce throughout the mattress also makes it easier to get out of bed in general. With three different firmnesses, you can find the perfect sleep environment with ease.

Downfalls to the Voila Mattress

There can be too much of a good thing and when it comes to the Voila mattress, you may just be getting too much bounce for your buck. Some people like really bouncy, springy mattresses that will virtually spring them out of bed in the mornings, and other people don’t. The truth is, this mattress may just have too much spring in its coils that may not be for everyone.

With three different firmnesses to choose from, this mattress can be pretty customizable,

but even with all the options the mattress may be too thick for someone who prefers sleeping on a thinner mattress. Thicker mattresses seem to have higher heat retention which could add to some sleep discomfort for hot sleepers.


Both of these mattresses have great specifications that should fit even the pickiest sleeper’s needs. Between both of them, you should be able to decide which mattress would be best for your sleep environment and which one would fit perfectly in your lifestyle.

Whichever mattress you choose, hopefully all this nifty information has been useful! Have experience with one of these mattresses? Let us know how it’s worked out for you! Feel free to share your insight with us and our readers in the comments!

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