Nacreous Mattress Pad Review

If it’s been more and more difficult for you to get comfortable when it’s hot in the bedroom, I can sympathize. I spent years sweating on my sheets during the summer months and even in the winter months when my woodstove was working in overdrive. I couldn’t seem to find a suitable solution to the problem, that is until I came across the Nacreous mattress pad. This bedding accessory can solve all of your overheating problems, trust me on this.

Nacreous Mattress Overview


  • Keeps your body temperature regulated
  • Ideal for those who share a bed and like different sleeping temperatures
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable


  • It's Pricey
  • May not work well with memory foam since memory foam holds heat 
  • Seems to be a bit snug to put on

Presenting The Nacreous Mattress Pad

The Nacreous mattress pad is made by Slumber Cloud, a company that promises you a better and cooler night’s sleep. While you are sleeping, your body heat becomes trapped under the covers, which in turn causes you to sweat. Sweating is your body’s way of trying to cool you down, but if you’re overheating, it won’t help. This is where the Nacreous comes in handy. It helps to regulate your body temperature by absorbing it and releasing it elsewhere, keeping your body temperature regulated and cool.

The Other Version

The Nacreous has a sister that goes by the name of Cirriform. The difference between the two is that the Cirriform is made from a plain cotton fabric rather than the Outlast viscose fabric like the Nacreous. It also only has a Gold rating whereas the Nacreous has a Gold + rating. Overall, the main difference between the two is that the Nacreous heat managing technology is much better than that of the Cirriform.

Who Is It For?

The Nacreous pad is best suited for those who seem to suffer from sweaty nights and the inability to keep cool. I have also found out that it is great for those who may have health issues that cause night sweats, such as Multiple Sclerosis. My father in law, who suffers from MS, took a nap on mine and for the first time in years, he wasn’t sweating as he slept. But, with all products comes both good and bad qualities.

Features & Benefits

So what is it that makes this product worth the price? Let’s go check some of its wonderful features and benefits.


The Outlast viscose fabric that the Nacreous is made from is extremely soft. It also has an Outlast lining fabric that helps with the heat management and comfort. You’re uncomfortable enough as it is with the night sweats, you don’t want to sleep on an uncomfortable fabric as well. This is why the comfort of this mattress pad is so great.

I have slept on this pad, so I know first hand how soft it is. I absolutely love the way it feels without a sheet on it. Although it has individual square pockets, you can’t feel the seams like you can on other pocketed pads.?


As well as being comfortable to sleep on, it also has some great cooling effects. During the night as you are sleeping, the mattress pad can detect when your body temperature is starting to rise. It will take this excess heat and store it where it can reach you. It will then release this heat somewhere else. This helps you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire night.

The technology behind the cooling feature is called Outlast. It is a proactive heat management technology that balances temperature rather than wicking away sweat after you have already overheated, as most cooling pads seem to do.?


The construction of the Nacreous is a feature because of how it fits on the bed. When you think of a mattress pad you think of a block of foam that just floats on the top of your mattress, correct? The Nacreous is much different than that. It is kind of like a fitted sheet, mattress pad hybrid.

The pad is much like a puffy cover sewn to an elastic sheet that fits right over your entire mattress and secures itself as a fitted sheet does. This ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t shift as you move in your sleep. It is also much lighter than traditional foam pads.?


When I use the term “hypoallergenic”, this means that the product is more likely to cause fewer allergic reactions than that of a product that isn’t hypoallergenic. So if you have allergies that are caused by dust mites, animals, or something else, the pad won’t set them off or make them worse.

By sleeping on it, you may find yourself less sniffly or watery eyed in the morning than you usually are. This could potentially stop you from having to take allergy medications as soon as you wake up.?


The Nacreous mattress pad is the ideal way to beat the heat in the sheets. Between the comfort, cooling factor, and construction, this is a pretty revolutionary item. It has the potential to be the answer to those night sweats caused by certain medical conditions, hot weather, or if you are just a warm sleeper in general. So if you are known to sweat the bed, grab yourself one of these revolutionary mattress pads by clicking here.

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