Priva Mattress Protector Review

A new mattress can be a costly investment and is one that you should consider protecting with more than just your sheets. If you have babies, potty training toddlers, or are caring for anyone with disabilities or incontinence, you know their comfort is a priority for their health.

Don’t sacrifice their bedding comfort due to issues with hygiene, rather invest in a durable, and quality mattress protector, that can both be wiped clean and laundered easily. There are many products on the market that claim both comfort and protection, but not all mattress protectors are made the same and it’s certainly your while (and savings to your pocketbook) to take the time to research your options.

The Priva Mattress Protector is distributed through a company that provides the bulk of their sales to privatized industries and hospitals, however, you should know their products are also available to the general public, and are definitely worth looking into.

Priva Mattress Protector Overview

Priva, a division of Fiberlinks Textiles Inc, is a manufacture and caterer of high quality waterproof and absorbent textiles for both both home and hospital use. Available across North America, the UK, Spain and Australia, Priva products use innovative technology to stay on top of consumer demands. Because of that they have been incorporated into part of a bigger corporation that has over 50 years of customized programs for their consumers.

The Priva mattress protector is part of the Comfort Shield Collection, provides a waterproof barrier, is hypoallergenic, and comes in everything from a twin to California king sized sheet, as well as in both full and queen sofa bed sizes. The expandable knit skirt can also fit up to a 22” mattress, which covers almost all deep mattresses and pillow tops easily.


  • Good for up to 300 washes
  • 10 year warranty
  • Elastic skirt keeps a snug fit
  • Waterproof


  • Plastic sound may be a nuisance
  • Elastic can wear out over use for a less snug fit
  • Thin material that may wear with heavy use

Features & Benefits

As a company that has been around for a long time, Priva has a very clear, and simple message: to meet the needs of their consumers in an affordable, yet dependable way. They have done this through the years through their use of technology to help create quality, reusable products that are in demand around the world.

This particular protector is constructed to be sold for up to half the cost of many higher end competitive products, but is made with the quality in mind of a much more expensive cover. Plus, due to the company's ties to many institutionalized and hospital industries, it’s durability is well tested and proven.


The Priva mattress protector doesn’t get much more simple than this: a top layer of 80% cotton/20% polyester glued to a 100% waterproof polyurethane backing. This delicate knit and this waterproofing creates a very quiet, soft to the touch, barrier.

The knit surface is also slightly grooved to keep liquids from pooling, or spilling during the linen change. The polyurethane backing is considered a breathable membrane that allows an escape of heat and water through the process of water vapor transmission. This layer also serves as an excellent barrier to allergens and dust mites.

It’s also important to note that the vinyl used is phthalates, latex, and BPA free for a healthy, and safe, sleeping environment. Since many people can have allergies to these products this is an important detail to consider in your search for the perfect mattress cover.


Since comfort is generally a high priority while you sleep, anything that inhibits your rest would be problematic. Many mattress protectors can cause a firming of your mattress through a too snug fit, but the 9 inch knit skirt that can expand up to 22 inches keeps your protector firmly in place without overly stretching it to cause this to occur. This is important to take the most advantage out of the comfort of your mattress. After all, this is what you bought it for!

The terry knit cover is also soft and gentle to the skin, and the grooves are there to help with absorbency without leakage to keep a maximum amount of moisture away from your body if accidents occur. I can imagine this is important, especially for bedridden patients, and during the night when accidents may not be so noticeable.

Heat Retention

As with any plasticized poly surface, some heat retention can occur, especially with applied body weight and heat. This particular brand has next to no heat complaints, so it seems their breathable membrane that is designed to allow body perspiration and heat to escape stands up to the test.

Maintenance, Care and Warranty

As mentioned, the Priva protector is good up to 300 washes. This includes the use of bleach in each wash and going through a dryer afterwards, creating an economical, and environmentally friendly solutions to what used to be a disposable option. To make it last longer, wash in cool water on gentle and line dry- always a good suggestion if you have the option.

The cover can also be wiped clean for minor wetness using an antibacterial wipe. Simply wipe down and dry. This makes maintenance simple, especially when you have to deal with multiple occurrences in a day to make sure everything is clean and dry.

The 10 year warranty guarantee covers any manufacturing defects, and a promise to stand behind any products that do not meet their customer’s expectations with a replacement. The company prides itself in its customer service and does seem to strive to meet the needs of not only their larger corporate buyers, but individuals as well.

Consumer Proof

Customer reviews give an overwhelming amount of supporting reviews from buyers who made the purchase from everything to protect new mattresses from stains, incontinence, and wear, to an extra layer of protection against family pets. It is stated that it is thin, breathable, and quiet. In fact, I had to dig to find any real concerns, and these all were based upon personal preferences rather than the quality of the product itself.

Few reviews gave poor ratings, mostly surrounding a dislike for the feel of the material, or noise issues they found with the poly layer. Very few true waterproof, or water resistant, covers have the feel of a regular cotton sheet however. When you provide the protection your mattress needs, you do need to consider that waterproof materials are made of non-absorbent, synthetic fabrics.


Quite honestly I found very little to dislike about this product in my research. The company seems dependable and honest, and reviews through third parties are very positive in nature. Waterproofing, ease of care, soft tops, and an expandable skirt to fit almost every mattress on the market topped by affordability makes this a mattress cover to consider.

The backing of a company that has been around for quite some time and caters to institutions that have a high need for quality, and affordable products for patient care, is also a detail to consider. When making a purchase I like to know I’m buying something that has been used and proven concerning what it claims.

Any issue that came up had to deal with possible ‘plastic’ sounds due to the waterproofing layer, and buying too large for their mattress size. If you are looking to buy or replace an existing mattress cover, be sure to research the Priva Mattress Protector during your search.

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